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We led the fight for access to the men held at Guantánamo, and were one of the very first organisations allowed inside. Since then, we have secured freedom for more than 80 men illegally detained without charge or trial – more than any other law firm or NGO.

After 9/11, the US government systematically designed and implemented a programme of abducting and torturing terrorism suspects, before imprisoning them without due process in Guantánamo Bay. Clive Stafford Smith was one of the three lawyers who demanded and successfully sued for access to the prison.

Since 2002, 779, including at least 15 children, have been imprisoned at Guantánamo. The vast majority of them were sold to the US when the military was offering large bounties for capture of terrorism suspects – typically, around $5,000 for each man. So far just 9 detainees have been convicted of a crime – the same number of men who have died while in detention. No one has ever been held accountable for the illegal detention and abuse at the prison camp.

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