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President Trump: Close Guantanamo Bay

Under an arbitrary new practice brought in by the Trump administration, the hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay are in danger of serious organ failure or starving to death. We're desperately worried that our clients will die, so we're calling on President Trump to bring in independent medical support for the strikers and either give the detainees fair trials or release them.

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We help people who suffer extreme human rights abuses at the hands of the world's most powerful governments

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Could you fast for 24 hours in solidarity with our starving clients in Guantanamo Bay?

From inside Guantanamo - 5 things I learned from talking to my client this week

by Clive Stafford Smith... The denial of even vitamins to hunger strikers, coercive tactics of the medical team, and the censor who stopped him as Ahmed started to tell me that the hunger strike is spreading

A Forcible Cell Extraction

In the words of a former prisoner... A warm greeting from a cold place, from those who hold the dying embers of a just world here in Guantánamo Bay. For the first time, I am hesitating before I describe the events in this prison.

UPDATE - Egypt frees Irish student protester after four years facing death

Ibrahim Halawa was 17 when he was arrested with hundreds of other people in 2013, as part of a crackdown on protests in Egypt. He was held in pre-trial detention for over four years, and reported being regularly tortured.

A message from a desperate and grateful man in Guantanamo Bay - and a request…

by Clive Stafford Smith... Yesterday I had a legal call with my client Ahmed Rabbani in Guantanamo Bay. I wanted to pass on a message.

From the Dark Prison: Some of the torture of Ahmed Rabbani – in his own words

Ahmed was tortured for 545 days in the CIA's Dark Prison - "Then, they took me to a room and hung me by my hand to an iron shackle where my toes hardly touched the ground"

Guantánamo Solidarity Hunger Strike Day 5

Day 5 coming to an end. That is 120 hours without any food.

Why I’m going on hunger strike - Tom Watson

I’m following the Guantánamo diet in solidarity with two men who are being slowly starved to death by President Trump.

''They are being left to die'' - Pink Floyd's Roger Waters is hunger striking

Alongside my comrades at Reprieve. I am fasting for 24hrs, 15th October 2017...

#FastForJustice: Day 4

That is the end of Day 4. 96 hours without food. It’s not a pleasant experience, but I am doing okay. I’m down four pounds to 198. I’ve been feeling a bit woozy this evening. I am a bit worried that I am about to get the really nasty cold my wife Emily has. 

7 things you didn't know about Guantanamo Bay

Over the last 15 years, the Government has attempted to suppress the truth about Guantanamo. In response, we have been working to bring the facts to the public. Here we bring you 7 facts that you may not know about America’s infamous illegal prison.

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