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Reprieve works worldwide to help victims of human rights abuses like the death penalty, torture and extrajudicial detention. We fund the investigations, expert witnesses and litigation which help to deliver justice and save lives across the globe.

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We help people who suffer extreme human rights abuses at the hands of the world's most powerful governments

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Why the US justice system is not fit for purpose

Simply put, the US justice system it is not fit for purpose. I came to this realization, belatedly, when trying to understand how I could have failed Krishna Maharaj for more than two decades.

The lives we've saved this year

Reprieve Patron Jon Snow reflects on the lives we've helped save this year and the challenges of the year ahead.

The most dangerous time of the year

Many countries ramp up executions over the holiday season, when the world is less likely to be paying attention.

"The interrogator put his gun on my forehead" - Towfiq described his torture in Guantánamo

“I was handcuffed behind and they put a hood on my head so that I could not see anything. When I entered the interrogation room, the American guards pushed me down to the ground"

Poems from Guantánamo

Towfiq Bihani has been held at Guantánamo Bay since early 2003. He is a keen poet, and has poetry in English and Arabic during his time in Guantanamo. Here you can read two of Tawfiq's poems, which he has shared with his Reprieve lawyer Shelby Sullivan-Bennis.

Ibrahim Halawa on life in Egyptian prisons and freedom

Ibrahim Halawa arrived back on the cold Dublin soil on October 24, more than four years after being jailed at 17 years old in Cairo. He stepped off the plane alongside the Irish ambassador to Egypt, Sean O Regan, to a welcoming party at the arrivals terminal of Dublin Airport.

Donald Trump must succeed where Obama failed and close Guantanamo

“First, they make you lie down on your tummy…”. This was the start of a recent conversation with my seventy-year-old client, Saifullah, after I asked him to describe one of the punishments now being handed down regularly at Guantánamo Bay.

BREAKING: Theresa May in Saudi Arabia just after 125th person executed

Mrs May must end UK support for Saudi abuses and when she meets the Crown Prince, these issues must be at the top of her agenda... by Maya Foa, Director of Reprieve

Guantanamo under Trump is a new hell, says 70-year-old inmate held for 13 years

Guards rushed into Saifullah‘s cell and forced him on to his stomach before strapping him to a stretcher. He was handcuffed, hoisted out and taken to solitary confinement.

The powerful artwork by Guantanamo prisoners America doesn't want the world to see

The US military has been accused of censoring art created by prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay – some of it showing torture and abuse carried out by the CIA and military personnel as part of the so-called “war on terror”.

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