Our Work

Reprieve assists prisoners facing the death penalty, and prisoners held beyond the rule of law in the ‘war on terror,’ whether in Guantánamo Bay or rendered to secret prisons elsewhere. Reprieve also supports full time frontline Reprieve Fellows, who work as lawyers, investigators and advocates in different jurisdictions. Reprieve works with partners all over the world, including prisoners’ families, NGOs, government officials, individual lawyers and human rights defenders.

Reprieve's casework includes:

  • Investigation: we deploy investigators around the world to bring to light the facts, which could make a difference in an individual case or expose the frailties of an entire justice system.
  • Litigation: our in-house lawyers and associate fellows represent prisoners facing execution at the hands of the state in the conventional criminal justice system, or those subject to imprisonment outside the reach of the law in the ‘war on terror.’ We concentrate on cases with the potential to have a wider impact on law or policy.
  • Public Education: Reprieve is broadening the debate about human rights abuses surrounding the death penalty and the 'war on terror': educating the public, promoting best practices, and bringing new voices to the discussion.

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