Watch Cori Crider talk to Jon Snow about a historic ruling in the case of Bagram detainee Yunus Rahmatullah

on 14 December 2011

Reprieve legal director Cori Crider speaks on Channel 4 News about a historic ruling in the Court of Appeal, ordering the UK Government to reprieve rendered prisoner Yunus Rahmatullah.

Yunus Rahmatullah has been held in the nortoious Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan, for over eight years without trial.

Today's historic decision marks the first time any civilian legal system has penetrated Bagram, a legal black hole where nearly three thousand prisoners - many rendered from all over the world - have been unlawfully held by the US military for up to a decade. Lawyers have never been allowed in the prison, which is notorious for torture and homicides and has been called 'Guantanamo's Evil Twin'.

With thanks to Channel 4 News 

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