Guantánamo Bay: Statistics

on 28 July 2011

A summary of Guantánamo Bay statistics, accurate as of 19 July 2013. You may also be interested in our timeline of key Guantánamo events, and our ‘Life after Guantánamo’ Q&A. 

779 acknowledged prisoners held in Guantánamo Bay to date (there are indications that various prisoners were held in Guantánamo Bay in secret from 2003 until June 2004 when the US Supreme Court ordered that the prisoners be allowed access to courts, but these prisoners have never been identified).

242 prisoners when President Obama took office.

166 current prisoners.

At least 120 prisoners are now on hunger strike.

Approximately 40 of the hunger strikers are being force-fed Ensure and Reglan.

Citizens of 48 countries have been held at Guantánamo. 

72 prisoners have been transferred under President Obama: 30 returned their home countries; 40 resettled in countries that are not their home.

532 prisoners transferred under President Bush.

52 countries that have accepted Guantánamo detainees.

At least 10 detainees transferred to an undetermined country.

572 men reviewed by Combatant Status Review Tribunals.

497 men designated enemy combatants by Combatant Status Review Tribunals.

38 men designated no longer enemy combatants by Combatant Status Review Tribunals.

126 prisoners cleared for release/approved for transfer by Obama's interagency task force.

59 cleared for transfer but cannot leave because of instability in their home countries, inability to get foreign countries to help out with resettlements and Congressional restrictions.

86 prisoners cleared for release/approved for transfer by Obama's interagency task force still in Guantánamo.

22 prisoners approved for transfer in need of humanitarian protection.

48 prisoners approved for indefinite detention without trial. (2 have died in detention)

44 prisoners referred for prosecution in federal court or military commissions.

36 subjects of active cases or investigation.

59 decided habeas cases: 38 prisoners granted habeas and 21 prisoners denied habeas.

25 prisoners granted habeas who have been transferred.

13 prisoners granted habeas who continue to be detained.

6 military commission trials.

4 military commissions to end in plea bargain.

1 contested military commission trial.

1 Guantánamo detainee tried in Civilian Court under Obama.

16 Guantánamo detainees known to have been held in CIA facilities.

112 Yemenis ever held in Guantánamo.

88 Yemenis still held in Guantánamo.

56 Yemenis approved for transfer still in Guantánamo.

30 detainees from Yemen designated for 'conditional' detention.

4 prisoners have died under President Bush

3 prisoners have died under President Obama (1 of cancer)

It costs $800,000 extra per prisoner to keep a captive at Guantánamo rather than in a US federal prison.

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