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  1. Andargachew Tsege

    Children of abducted Brit tell PM: bring our Dad back

    on 24 October 2014

    The young children of a Briton who was kidnapped and rendered in secret to Ethiopia have begged the Prime Minister to take action on his case, as he enters his fifth month of detention.

  2. Andargachew Tsege

    UK urged to take action as abducted Brit enters 5th month of Ethiopian detention

    on 23 October 2014

    Lawyers for the family of a Briton who was kidnapped and rendered in secret to Ethiopia have urged ministers to take action on his case, exactly four months since his abduction.

  3. Generic Front page - Hands through bars colour

    UK ‘aid for executions’ in spotlight as Pakistan set to restart hangings

    on 23 October 2014

    More than a hundred prisoners apprehended in UK-funded drug arrests are now facing execution in Pakistan, after a judge scheduled a hanging that would end the country’s 2-year death penalty moratorium.

  4. Drone from beneath

    UK must “do more” to distance itself from US drone programme, says ex-GCHQ chief’s report

    on 22 October 2014

    A report from a commission chaired by the former Director of GCHQ has called on the British Government to implement “safeguards” to ensure that UK drone personnel “remain compliant with international law.”

  5. Shaker Aamer at Guantanamo

    Foreign Secretary ignores concerns over Guantanamo Brit abuse

    on 19 October 2014

    Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has dismissed concerns over the abuse of British cleared detainee Shaker Aamer, in a letter to his lawyer at human rights charity Reprieve.

  6. Government urged to defend Bahraini activist as ‘trial for tweeting’ begins

    on 19 October 2014

    The UK Government’s close links to Bahrain have been criticised ahead of the trial of a Bahraini human rights activist, starting today (19th), for the ‘crime’ of sending tweets.

  7. Andargachew Tsege

    UK halts aid to Brit’s Ethiopian kidnappers as FCO challenged on inaction

    on 17 October 2014

    A UK-funded aid programme to senior security forces in Ethiopa appears to have been placed on hold, amid criticism of Government inaction on the abduction, rendition and possible torture by Ethiopia of a British citizen.

  8. Death Row - hands through prison bars

    Thousands echo daughter’s Downing Street call to bring back mentally-ill Brit Mohammed Asghar

    on 17 October 2014

    Some 70,000 people have signed a petition to be presented at Downing Street at 3.30 today (16th) by Jasmine Rana – the daughter of mentally-ill Brit Mohammed Asghar, who was recently shot in Pakistan while held on blasphemy charges.

  9. Abdel Hakim Belhadj

    First details of Government’s secret lawyer-client spying policies revealed

    on 17 October 2014

    A rare public hearing of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) has for the first time revealed details of UK security services’ secret policies on the interception of private calls between lawyers and their clients.

  10. Abdel Hakim Belhadj

    Libyan renditions case: hearing today on secret spy policies

    on 16 October 2014

    Libyan renditions case: hearing today on secret spy policies

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