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    Poland “facilitated” CIA torture in European secret prison, court rules

    on 24 July 2014

    The European Court of Human Rights has today ruled that the Polish government was not only aware of but actively assisted the CIA’s European “black site” programme, which saw detainees held and tortured in secret prisons across the Continent.

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    Arizona inmate takes two hours to die in botched execution using experimental two-drug cocktail

    on 24 July 2014

    The state of Arizona has taken one hour and 57 minutes to kill a prisoner in a botched execution, which was carried out using the same combination of drugs as those used in the botched execution of an Ohio prisoner earlier this year.

  3. Abdel Hakim Belhadj

    Libyan renditions case in court as UK ‘lobbies for secrecy’ in key torture report

    on 21 July 2014

    The case brought by a husband and wife subjected to a 2004 ‘rendition,’ jointly organised by MI6, the CIA and Libyan intelligence, is being heard today by the Court of Appeal in London.

  4. Diego Garcia

    Questions for UK Government over claims “heavy weather” destroyed renditions evidence

    on 17 July 2014

    Claims made by the Government that possible evidence of UK involvement in renditions held in Diego Garcia was damaged by “extremely heavy weather” last month have been questioned by legal charity Reprieve, in the light of independent weather records suggesting there was no heavy rain during the period.

  5. Drone from beneath

    BT indifferent to supporting US drone programme “as long as they pay our bills”

    on 16 July 2014

    Telecoms firm BT today dismissed questions over its provision of support to the US’ covert drone programme, stating that it “does not look at what its customers do” with its equipment, and adding that “we sell our services to governments as long as they pay our bills.”

  6. Guantanamo force-feeding by Lewis Peake

    Guantanamo nurse refused to participate in "criminal" force-feedings

    on 16 July 2014

    A military medical professional at Guantanamo Bay recently refused to force-feed detainees after witnessing the suffering it caused detainees, it has been revealed.

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    Government’s legal aid plans “unlawful” & “discriminatory,” rule judges

    on 15 July 2014

    British judges today ruled that a proposed cut to legal aid known as the ‘residence test’ is “unlawful” and “discriminatory.” The measure, which was pushed through the Commons without a debate last Wednesday (9 July), would block anyone not resident in the UK from receiving legal aid. This would mean that people who had been wronged by the UK Government – such as victims of rendition and torture – could be shut out of court, unless they are very wealthy.

  8. Death Row - hands through prison bars

    New evidence shows UK government error led to Kenya death sentence

    on 14 July 2014

    New evidence shows UK government error led to Kenya death sentence

  9. 2014_03_11_PUB Kris and Marita

    Robert Redford documentary reveals strong evidence of Kris Maharaj’s innocence

    on 13 July 2014

    An investigative documentary which airs today (Sunday July 13) will detail fresh evidence of the innocence of British citizen Kris Maharaj, who has spent the last three decades in a Florida prison for a murder he almost certainly didn’t commit.

  10. Rendition Plane N379P

    Diego Garcia emails show UK Government is keeping renditions evidence from Parliament

    on 13 July 2014

    UK Foreign Office documents concerning the use of British territory by CIA 'rendition' flights show that ministers have been keeping key evidence in their possession from MPs, it has emerged.

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