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  1. Shaker Aamer at Guantanamo

    British resident Shaker Aamer 'beaten' in latest Guantánamo crackdown

    on 27 August 2014

    British resident Shaker Aamer has reportedly been beaten at Guantánamo Bay, in evidence of a new crackdown on prisoners protesting their detention without charge.

  2. Drone from beneath

    Yemeni government pays over $1m compensation to civilian drone strike victims

    on 19 August 2014

    The Yemeni government has paid compensation to civilian victims of a 2013 drone strike that hit a wedding convoy - which US Government sources have claimed killed only ‘militants.’

  3. Ibrahim Halawa in Ireland

    Tony Blair urged to stop Irish teen’s Egypt death sentence

    on 18 August 2014

    Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is being urged to intervene in the case of an Irish teenager caught up in Egypt’s controversial mass trials, as details emerged of Mr Blair's role as an ‘advisor’ to the country’s military leaders.

  4. Andargachew Tsege

    Family of Brit "rendered" to Ethiopia calls for his release

    on 18 August 2014

    The family of a British citizen kidnapped and rendered to Ethiopia in June has called on the British government to secure his release as soon as possible.

  5. Diego Garcia

    Scale of UK lobbying over Senate torture report revealed by Ambassador’s meetings

    on 17 August 2014

    Newly-released information reveals that the British ambassador has met at least 21 times with members of the US Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) ahead of the expected publication of its report on CIA torture and rendition – leading to increased concerns that the UK may be seeking to “censor” the report.

  6. Guantanamo force-feeding by Lewis Peake

    US Judge orders independent doctors to evaluate gravely ill Guantanamo hunger striker

    on 13 August 2014

    A US District Court judge today ordered that independent doctors be allowed into Guantanamo Bay to evaluate a long-time hunger striker whose health has deteriorated so much that there are now concerns for his life.

  7. free_ibrahim

    Judge walks out of Egypt mass trial

    on 12 August 2014

    A judge in Egypt has walked out of a mass trial of hundreds of prisoners that includes an Irish teenager who was a juvenile when arrested.

  8. free_ibrahim

    Irish teenager among prisoners set for Egypt mass trial

    on 11 August 2014

    A mass trial in Egypt tomorrow (August 12) could see death sentences handed down to hundreds of prisoners, including an Irish teenager who was a juvenile at the time of his arrest.

  9. Diego Garcia

    Further evidence on rendition complicity “should certainly come out,” says Ex-UK Foreign Secretary

    on 10 August 2014

    David Miliband, who as UK Foreign Secretary was forced to admit that the CIA had used British territory for ‘rendition’ flights, has left open the possibility that further evidence of such involvement could emerge.

  10. ahmad zeidan

    Tortured Briton Ahmad Zeidan appeals against UAE conviction

    on 07 August 2014

    A British student who was tortured by police in the UAE into ‘confessing’ to drugs offences has today appealed against his conviction.

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