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Reprieve's One Hour scheme for legal professionals

...What you earn in an hour could save someone's life.

How much does an hour of your time cost? £50? £250? £1000?

£50 pays for a Reprieve lawyer to stay in Guantánamo Bay for a night to interview clients. £250 keeps a Reprieve investigator on the road for two days, uncovering the facts to save the life of a Briton on death row. .

For Mohammed Abdulmalik in Guantánamo Bay, an hour feels like a lifetime. For Cori Crider, Mohammed’s Reprieve lawyer, an hour goes by too fast as she races against the clock to get evidence of his abuse — evidence he needs to win his habeas case and to avoid a biased military tribunal. Please help us to provide legal representation to those incarcerated in secret prisons all around the world by making a donation equivalent to an hour of your time, every month. As seen in The Lawyer.

“Many of you will have chosen to go into law in order to help people across the world who are in dire need of support. I know that I did. At Reprieve, we spend every day assisting people who find themselves in the worst situations imaginable. Ours is a struggle for justice, standing up for civil liberties in the face of oppressive regimes and authoritarian punishment. So many people depend upon Reprieve for a fair deal – it really is life and death work. As fellow lawyers, we need your support to help us keep up the fight.” Clive Stafford Smith, Director of Reprieve.

Become a One Hour Supporter

To become a One Hour supporter all you need to do is set up a monthly donation of a minimum of £20 per month. As a One Hour supporter we will send you email updates, our Winter newsletter, and invitations to our regular breakfast events and November drinks reception, hosted by Clive Stafford Smith. You will also receive an exclusive One Hour pin (pictured) to show your support.

You can set up your donation here. Please note on your donation form or, if you're doing it online, in the comment field, that you are a One Hour donor. Alternatively, email with your details.

Make Partner!

If your donation is more than £250 per month (£3,000 per year) you will become a Reprieve Partner. Your exclusive membership will enable you to receive all the benefits mentioned above, as well as invitations to exclusive Reprieve events.

Professor Philippe Sands QC:“I am delighted to give an hour of my fees, and more. Reprieve's work embodies all the values we should be fighting for: quality, professionalism, fearless independence, and an abiding commitment to the rule of law for all." 

Jason Glover, partner at Clifford Chance: "As lawyers we should all be champions of justice.  And despite commencing a legal career with this in mind, many of us no longer possess legal skills which can directly help with the pursuit of justice.  It was this dilemma which led me to think- "how can I give my time in a way which maximises the benefit to Reprieve?"  The answer was obvious- my contribution to Reprieve should not be my time but rather the value of my time.  The One Hour Campaign enables all of us to contribute a small portion of our time to correcting injustices throughout the world".


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