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    1. People and Power, Libya: Renditions

      Juliana Ruhfus and People and Power, Al Jazeera, 18/12/2013

    2. Menschenrechte: Vorwürfe an das UKE

      NDR Aktuell, 19/11/2013

    3. The World Tonight from Guantanamo Bay

      BBC Radio 4, 20/11/2013

    4. Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Radio 5 Live

      Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Radio 5 Live, 19/11/2013

    5. BBC Radio 5 Live - Last Briton in Guantanamo Bay speaks from cell

      Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Radio 5 Live, 19/11/2013.

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    1. Guantanamo's sinister re-branding of force-feeding

      The PR team at Guantanamo Bay have been engaging in a campaign of smoke and mirrors of late to try and cover up the abuse that still remains at Guantanamo Bay. Their latest effort is a rather sinister rebranding of prisoners peacefully protesting their detention by going on hunger strike.

      by Reprieve

    2. Government puts forward legal aid proposals which would deny justice to torture victims

      The Government has today (Monday 31 March) put forward measures for the approval of MPs which would introduce a "residence test" requirement for legal aid. As we explained previously, this would deny justice to a wide range of people wronged by the UK Government – from victims of torture and rendition to Gurkhas and Afghan interpreters denied the right to settle in Britain.

      by Donald Campbell

    3. A Bitter Valentine's Day

      Valentine's Day 2014 marked the twelfth year since Shaker Aamer arrived at Guantanamo Bay. Here are his reflections in a blog, first appearing in the Huffington Post.

      by Reprieve

    4. Depriving people of their citizenship is un-British

      It is rare for me to be proud of the country of my birth, France. Our footballers regularly disappoint us. Our government is repeatedly humiliated on the international stage. We are shamed by a refusal to accept the horrors of our colonial past. I must take comfort where I can: at least we don’t spontaneously strip the citizenship of Muslim people we don’t like.


    5. Five years on from Obama’s promise, justice still a foreign concept at Gitmo

      Today marks the fifth year since Barack Obama, with much fanfare, signed an executive order to close the prison. Since then, progress remains lamentable – and justice continues to elude the detainees.

      by Polly Rossdale

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    1. Florida judge orders new hearing for evidence of Briton’s innocence

      A judge in Florida has ordered a full evidentiary hearing in the case of Krishna (‘Kris’) Maharaj, a British businessman who has been in prison since receiving a death sentence in 1987.

    2. UAE authorities seek to prevent fair trial for tortured Brit

      Authorities in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), yesterday sought to block lawyers for a British student from accessing evidence of his torture, in contravention of international law.

    3. Yemeni government pays out $55k to civilian victims of Easter drone strikes

      The Yemeni government has already made condolence payments to the victims of at least one of several US drone strikes on the country over the Easter weekend, it has emerged.

    4. Briton’s UAE torturers to give evidence at his trial tomorrow

      Two of the policemen who tortured a British student are set to appear at his trial tomorrow (23 April) in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    5. Tortured Briton in UAE prison punished for complaining about mistreatment

      A British student who was arrested and tortured in Sharjah, UAE has been punished by prison authorities after complaining about his mistreatment.

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    1. Family and childhood friends of British man facing death penalty 'overjoyed' after his acquittal

      Local Berkshire, 15/04/14

    2. Come clean on US torture complicity, lawyers tell William Hague

      Paddy McGuffin, Morning Star, 12/04/14

    3. The disappearance of Sharif Mobley

      Yemen Post, 10/04/14

    4. U.K. govt pressed over allegations CIA used Diego Garcia as black site

      Al Jazeera, 10/04/14

    5. American citizen Sharif Mobley is missing in Yemen – lawyers

      Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian, 10/04/14

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