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  1. Obama Administration: Federal Court Can't Intervene In Guantanamo Force-Feeding

    By Jane Sutton, Reuters (Re-published by Huffington Post). 3/07/2013.

  2. Pentagon has until Wednesday noon to answer force-feeding suit

    By UPI. 3/07/2013.

  3. U.S. to keep force feeding Guantanamo detainees during Ramadan

    By Tal Kopan, Politico. 3/07/2013.

  4. Halt Gitmo forced-feedings, lawyers ask

    Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald (Re-published by Arizona Daily Star), 02/07/2013.

  5. 'I don't want to die... but I am prepared to die if that is what it takes'

    By Cori Crider, Huffington Post, 2/7/13

  6. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling In Rethink Over Legal Aid Lawyer Choice.

    The Justice Secretary has hinted that he will seek to change part of the government's legal aid reform that would mean clients recieving legal aid would not have a choice of solicitor, and now expects to allow a choice of solicitor for clients.

  7. Guantanamo detainees take action against forced-feeding

    By Jordyn Grzelewski, AlArabiya. 1/07/2013.

  8. Lawyers ask federal court to halt Guantanamo forced-feeding

    By Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald. 1/07/2013.

  9. Prisoners ask US judge to halt force-feeding of hunger strikers at Guantanamo ahead of Ramadan

    Washington Post. 1/07/2013.

  10. Shaker Aamer - the last Brit held in Guantanamo Bay - sues US government over force-feeding

    By Kevin Rawlinson, The Independent. 1/07/2013.

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