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UK torture complicity

Prisoners involved: Binyam Mohamed, Moazzam Begg, Bisher al-Rawi, Saad Iqbal Madni, Yunus Rahmatullah

  1. UK Govt admits defeat over claim renditions court case will damage UK-US relations

    The British Government admitted defeat in court today over its claims that a renditions case could not be heard for fear of embarrassing the US.

    11 November 2014

  2. UK Govt attempts to push rendition case out of High Court

    The High Court will tomorrow (Tues 11 November) consider whether a case concerning UK involvement in rendition and torture in Iraq and Afghanistan should be heard.

    10 November 2014

  3. Intelligence Committee lacks powers to get to the truth on UK renditions, say boycotting NGOs

    Intelligence Committee lacks powers to get to the truth on UK renditions, say boycotting NGOs

    09 November 2014

  4. UK police have sent “initial” file on Libyan renditions to prosecutors, BBC reports

    The Metropolitan Police today confirmed that they have sent an “initial” file to British prosecutors on the rendition of two families to Gaddafi’s Libya in a joint MI6-CIA operation.

    31 October 2014

  5. Libyan rendition victims’ case must be heard, Court of Appeal rules

    Britain’s Court of Appeal has today ruled that a husband and wife who were rendered to Gaddafi’s prisons, in a long-secret part of Tony Blair’s 2004 ‘deal in the desert,’ are to be allowed their day in court.

    30 October 2014

  6. UK Government to release secret policy on surveillance of lawyers after last-minute u-turn

    The Government today agreed to release its until-now secret policies governing how and when it eavesdrops on confidential communication between lawyers and their clients, in response to a case brought by victims of rendition and torture.

    29 October 2014

  7. UK Government claims in rendition case “highly unlikely,” says ex- US Ambassador

    UK Government claims in rendition case “highly unlikely,” says ex- US Ambassador

    25 September 2014

  8. UK Government changes story again on destruction of Diego Garcia renditions evidence

    A British minister has today admitted that a number of records relating to flights passing through the island of Diego Garcia – which is known to have been used by CIA rendition jets – have been “damaged [by water] to the point of no longer being useful.”

    12 September 2014

  9. UK records undermine Government’s claims over damaged CIA rendition documents

    Claims by ministers that documents relating to the UK role in CIA ‘rendition’ flights were accidentally damaged have been cast into doubt by new Foreign Office (FCO) records obtained by legal charity Reprieve.

    04 September 2014

  10. Scale of UK lobbying over Senate torture report revealed by Ambassador’s meetings

    Newly-released information reveals that the British ambassador has met at least 21 times with members of the US Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) ahead of the expected publication of its report on CIA torture and rendition – leading to increased concerns that the UK may be seeking to “censor” the report.

    17 August 2014

  11. Further evidence on rendition complicity “should certainly come out,” says Ex-UK Foreign Secretary

    David Miliband, who as UK Foreign Secretary was forced to admit that the CIA had used British territory for ‘rendition’ flights, has left open the possibility that further evidence of such involvement could emerge.

    10 August 2014

  12. MoD and Foreign Office sued by Pakistani citizen in Iraq torture case

    Richard Norton-Taylor , Guardian, 29/07/14.

    29 July 2014

  13. Questions for UK Government over claims “heavy weather” destroyed renditions evidence

    Claims made by the Government that possible evidence of UK involvement in renditions held in Diego Garcia was damaged by “extremely heavy weather” last month have been questioned by legal charity Reprieve, in the light of independent weather records suggesting there was no heavy rain during the period.

    17 July 2014

  14. Diego Garcia emails show UK Government is keeping renditions evidence from Parliament

    UK Foreign Office documents concerning the use of British territory by CIA 'rendition' flights show that ministers have been keeping key evidence in their possession from MPs, it has emerged.

    13 July 2014

  15. Remote Indian Ocean island holds key to understanding UK role in rendition

    Jamie Doward and Iain Cobain, Observer, 12/07/14.

    12 July 2014

  16. Emails shed new light on UK link to CIA 'torture flights'

    Jamie Doward and Iain Cobain, Observer, 12/07/14.

    12 July 2014

  17. Diego Garcia renditions evidence “incomplete due to water damage” – UK Government

    Documents that could implicate British officials in the CIA's global rendition programme have been irretrievably damaged, the Foreign Office has claimed.

    09 July 2014

  18. MoJ admits key legal aid cut may not save any money

    An internal Ministry of Justice document has revealed that the Justice Secretary’s plans for a cut to legal aid - known as the ‘Residence Test’ - may not result in any savings.

    01 July 2014

  19. Britain has tried to block release of US 'torture files' that could prove Blair Government was complicit in ill-treatment of terror suspects, it is claimed

    Robert Verkaik, The Daily Mail, 18/05/2014

    18 May 2014

  20. UK Government to push statelessness measure it once called a “negative step”

    The Government is pushing ahead with plans which would allow it to make Britons stateless by depriving them of their citizenship, despite having once described such moves as a “negative step.”

    11 May 2014

  21. MPs must oppose “more primitive than torture” citizenship-stripping plans

    MPs are tomorrow expected to vote on the Home Secretary’s plans for a vast expansion of the Government’s power to arbitrarily deprive Britons of their citizenship, when the Immigration Bill returns to the Commons for the consideration of Lords’ amendments.

    06 May 2014

  22. Come clean on US torture complicity, lawyers tell William Hague

    Paddy McGuffin, Morning Star, 12/04/14

    17 April 2014

  23. U.K. govt pressed over allegations CIA used Diego Garcia as black site

    Al Jazeera, 10/04/14

    17 April 2014

  24. British gave 'full co-operation' for CIA black jail on Diego Garcia, report claims

    Peter Foster, The Telegraph, 10/04/14

    17 April 2014

  25. UK urged to admit that CIA used island as secret 'black site' prison

    Jamie Doward, The Observer, 13/04/14

    17 April 2014

  26. Claims British territory of Diego Garcia was 'used by US as a secret jail to hold terror suspects' puts pressure on Hague

    Matt Chorley, Daily Mail, 11/04/14

    17 April 2014

  27. Six O'Clock News

    BBC Radio 4, 04/04/14

    09 April 2014

  28. Tony Blair 'knew everything about CIA interrogation programme'

    Antonia Molloy, The Independent, 06/04/14

    09 April 2014

  29. Tony Blair 'knew all about CIA secret kidnap programme’

    Peter Foster, The Telegraph, 05/04/14

    09 April 2014

  30. CIA torture report: reaction from Libyan tortured and rendered along with pregnant wife

    The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) has today voted to declassify their report on the CIA’s unlawful torture programme. Abdelhakim Belhadj, a Libyan anti-Gaddafi dissident who was rendered and tortured – along with his pregnant wife, Fatima Boudchar – in a CIA-MI6 operation in 2004, has expressed his relief at the decision.

    04 April 2014

  31. CIA torture victim calls for declassification of Senate report

    Ahead of today’s vote in the US Senate over whether to declassify a major report on CIA torture, one of the Agency’s victims has called for the “open acknowledgement of past wrongs.”

    03 April 2014

  32. Libyan torture victims win permission to appeal in case against UK Government

    An anti-Gaddafi dissident and his wife have won permission to take their case against the UK Government – which played a central role in their 2004 kidnap and abuse – to the Court of Appeal.

    03 February 2014

  33. Secret court to consider open hearings in Libyan torture case

    A highly secretive British tribunal, which is currently hearing a complaint brought by Gaddafi opponents subjected to rendition and torture, will this week be urged to undertake more open hearings when considering the case.

    29 January 2014

  34. How Belhaj challenge to UK courts put spotlight on closed hearings

    Joshua Rozenberg, The Guardian, 15/01/14

    15 January 2014

  35. Government 'risks accusations of burying bad news by publishing Gibson on day of Woolwich verdicts'

    Christopher Hope, The Daily Telegraph, 19/12/13

    20 December 2013

  36. Spies told to turn a blind eye to torture: MI6 chiefs told staff they had no obligation to intervene if they saw the CIA mistreating suspects

    Tim Shipman, The Daily Mail, 20/12/13

    20 December 2013

  37. British spies 'knew about torture of FORTY terror suspects': Judge's inquiry identifies concerns over 9/11 interrogations

    Tim Shipman, The Daily Mail, 19/12/13

    20 December 2013

  38. Dumping a judge-led inquiry into rendition is a cop-out by government

    Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 18/12/13

    20 December 2013

  39. A History of Torture

    Clive Stafford Smith, Al Jazeera, 18/12/2013

    18 December 2013

  40. Government’s ban on MI5 committee appearance scandalous assault on Parliamentary democracy

    Commenting on reports that Home Secretary Theresa May has refused a request by Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee to question the head of MI5, Andrew Parker, on the basis that she “do[es] not believe that it would be appropriate or necessary for the oversight provided by the [Intelligence and Security Committee] to be duplicated by another committee,” Kat Craig, legal director at human rights charity Reprieve said: “This is a scandalous attempt by the Government to insulate itself and the security services from anything even approaching genuine accountability".

    11 December 2013

  41. Torture Inquiry ‘finds UK intelligence officers knew of mistreatment’

    Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 14/11/2013

    15 November 2013

  42. Abdel Hakim Belhaj: justice barred for Libyan dissident, say lawyers

    Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 23/10/2013.

    29 October 2013

  43. The UK Government Is Trying to Get Off the Hook for Libyan Torture

    Cori Crider, Huffington Post, 23/10/2013.

    23 October 2013

  44. Abdel Hakim Belhaj: justice barred for Libyan dissident, say lawyers

    Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 23/10/2013.

    23 October 2013

  45. New court documents detail abuse of pregnant woman in UK-US Libya renditions

    As a High Court hearing on UK involvement in torture and rendition enters its third day, documents released detail the ordeal faced by the pregnant wife of a Gaddafi opponent during her 2004 ‘rendition.’

    23 October 2013

  46. Lawyers urge UK court to reject Libyan commander’s rendition case

    Al Arabiya, 22/10/2013.

    23 October 2013

  47. Government urges court to reject Libya rendition case

    BBC, 21/10/2013.

    23 October 2013

  48. High court is urged to scrap Libyan's claim that UK spies aided torture

    Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 21/10/2013.

    22 October 2013

  49. Supreme Court criticises Government over unnecessary use of “offensive” Secret Courts

    The UK Supreme Court has today hit out at Government lawyers over their unnecessary use of secret courts – known as Closed Material Procedures (CMPs).

    19 June 2013

  50. Scotland Yard accused of being complicit in torture for failing to investigate UK’s role in alleged war crimes

    By Terri Judd, The Independent, March 18 2013

    18 March 2013

  51. Jihadists in Syria 'threat to West'

    Wales Online, February 14 2013

    14 February 2013

  52. British Jihadists In Syria Are 'A Threat To The West' Says Hague

    PA, Huffington Post UK, February 14 2013

    14 February 2013

  53. William Hague calls for pragmatism in dealing with repressive regimes

    By Nick Hopkins, The Guardian, February 14 2013.

    14 February 2013

  54. Britain must work with regimes that have abused human rights, says William Hague

    By Oliver Wright, The Independent, February 14 2013

    14 February 2013

  55. Hague accused of making dodgy deal with torturers

    By Paddy McGuffin, Morning Star, February 14 2013.

    14 February 2013

  56. Threat of UK attack by British jihadists in Syria growing, Hague warns

    By Tom Whitehead, The Telegraph, February 14 2013

    14 February 2013

  57. UK to build human rights alliances, says William Hague

    BBC News, February 14 2013

    14 February 2013

  58. UK Government trying to join hands with torturers while keeping its own clean

    Commenting on Foreign Secretary William Hague’s speech today on ‘justice and human rights partnerships,’ Reprieve Legal Director, Cori Crider said:

    14 February 2013

  59. Storm as the UK 'justifies torture' of the fighter who helped topple Gaddafi

    By Robert Verkaik, Mail Online, February 2 2013.

    02 February 2013

  60. Hopes rise for Guantanamo's last UK inmate

    By Paul Calahan, The Independent, December 2 2012

    03 December 2012

  61. High Court blocks UK detainee transfers in Afghanistan

    BBC News, November 2 2012

    20 November 2012

  62. UK Govt seeks to hand over detainees to Afghan torture prisons

    The British Government is seeking to lift a moratorium on handing over Afghan detainees to prisons where there is clear evidence of torture, the High Court heard today.

    02 November 2012

  63. UK cops to probe 'allegations of complicity to torture' prisoner at Guantanamo Bay

    By Keir Simmons, NBC News, 02/08/2012

    02 August 2012

  64. UK court orders ‘fair trial’ hearing for tortured Afghan

    A Court of Appeal judge this morning ordered a hearing into the unfair trial an Afghan prisoner faced after UK forces transferred him to Afghanistan’s notorious National Directorate of Security (NDS).

    23 July 2012

  65. Police interview Libyans over claims of UK-authorised rendition

    By Rajeev Syal and Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 20/07/12

    20 July 2012

  66. UK police interview Libyan victims of MI6 renditions

    Two Gaddafi opponents who were rendered along with their families by the US and UK to pre-revolutionary Libya have for the first time given evidence to London’s Metropolitan Police.

    18 July 2012

  67. Fears for Shaker Aamer as Pentagon reveals 'mind-altering drugs' forcibly used on Guantánamo prisoners

    Londoner Shaker Aamer may have been among those forcibly administered "mind-altering drugs" by the US military, either as part of an interrogation or as a de facto disciplinary measure - tactics revealed in a recently-declassified Pentagon report.

    12 July 2012

  68. Britain must secure release of Bagram detainee, supreme court told

    Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 03/07/2012

    04 July 2012

  69. Britain has not done enough to secure release of Pakistani man in US military custody, say lawyers

    Jerome Taylor, The Independent, 02/07/2012

    04 July 2012

  70. Bagram Detainee Case Comes Before UK's Top Court

    Associated Press/ABC News 02/07/2012

    04 July 2012

  71. Hoon may face war crime quiz over rendition

    By Deborah Haynes, The Times, 29/06/2012

    29 June 2012

  72. Libyans take Jack Straw to court over 'rendition'

    By Terri Judd, The Independent, 29/06/2012

    29 June 2012

  73. Legal proceedings issued against Government and Jack Straw by Libyan renditions victims

    Lawyers for two Gaddafi opponents who were rendered along with their families to Libya by British intelligence in 2004 today issued formal legal proceedings at the High Court against those responsible for their ordeal.

    28 June 2012

  74. Jack Straw and former top spy sued over Libya rendition

    By Deborah Haynes, The Times, 28/06/2012

    28 June 2012

  75. Libyan dissidents launch action against UK government over rendition

    By Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 28/06/2012

    28 June 2012

  76. 'Tortured' Libyan exiles start case

    By Paddy McGuffin, The Morning Star, 28/06/2012

    28 June 2012

  77. Climbdown over secret courts? Nonsense. Now it's even worse: How Ken Clarke's masterclass in spin hid REAL story about new justice laws

    By David Rose, The Daily Mail, 03/06/2012

    03 June 2012

  78. UK statements on rendition and torture complicity

    Statements by various officials that outline the UK's position on rendition and torture, and how it has evolved during the past decade.

    22 May 2012

  79. MI6 agents pushed 49-point list of questions to Tripoli torture victim interrogators 'under torture chamber door'

    By Abul Taher and David Rose, The Daily Mail, 28/04/2012

    28 April 2012

  80. Former Libyan Rebel Sues Britain Over Torture Claim

    By Henry Ridgwell, Voice of America, 26/04/2012

    26 April 2012

  81. Leading article: Gaddafi, the UK, and the truth we must be told

    Leading article, The Independent, 23/04/2012

    23 April 2012

  82. Inquiry launched into 'betrayal' of Libyan asylum-seekers by MI5

    By Rob Hastings, The Independent, 23/04/2012

    23 April 2012

  83. Government investigating MI5 Libyan betrayal spy claim

    By BBC News, 22/04/2012

    22 April 2012

  84. MI5 'gave Libyan spies details of dissidents in Britain'

    By Ian Cobain and Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 22/04/2012

    22 April 2012

  85. Secret documents reveal MI5 agents betrayed Libyan dissidents to Gaddafi spies in London rendezvous just 700 yards from Harrods

    By Robert Verkaik, Barbara Jones, and David Rose, The Daily Mail, 21/04/2012

    21 April 2012

  86. Rendition: Straw in the wind

    Editorial, The Guardian, 19/04/2012

    19 April 2012

  87. Leading article: UK officials must come clean about rendition

    By The Independent, 19/04/2012

    19 April 2012

  88. Libyan army chief takes Jack Straw to court over rendition

    By The Sun, 19/04/2012

    19 April 2012

  89. Watch a report on the rendition complicity case against Jack Straw on Channel 4

    This report, including a comment by Reprieve's Legal Director Cori Crider, looks at the circumstances around the rendition of Abdel Hakim Belhadj and Sami al Saadi to Libya in 2004, and how Jack Straw might be complicit in their ordeal.

    18 April 2012

  90. Watch Cori Crider talking about the lawsuit against Jack Straw on BBC News

    Reprieve's Legal Director Cori Crider talks about the lawsuit made against former foreign secretary Jack Straw by Abdel Hakim Belhadj and Sami al Saadi, and why politicians should be held accountable for their role in rendition.

    18 April 2012

  91. Watch Cori Crider discussing Belhadj's lawsuit against Jack Straw on BBC's Newsnight

    Reprieve's Legal Director Cori Crider and former Minister of State at the Home Office Hazel Blears discuss the lawsuit brought by Libyan rendition victims against Jack Straw.

    18 April 2012

  92. Libyans sue UK ex-minister over rendition claims

    By AFP, 18/04/2012

    18 April 2012

  93. Straw Sued Over Libyan's Rendition Claims

    By Sky News, 18/04/2012

    18 April 2012

  94. Jack Straw sued by Libyan military commander for 'personally signing off his illegal rendition'

    By Graham Smith, The Daily Mail, 18/04/2012

    18 April 2012

  95. Jack Straw faces legal action over 'rendition'

    By BBC News, 18/04/2012

    18 April 2012

  96. Jack Straw faces legal action over allegations he personally approved rendition of Abdel Hakim Belhadj

    By Nigel Morris, The Independent, 18/04/2012

    18 April 2012

  97. Straw sued over rendition case

    By ITV News, 18/04/2012

    18 April 2012

  98. Jack Straw faces legal action over Libya rendition claims

    By Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 18/04/2012

    18 April 2012

  99. British Ex-Foreign Secretary Accused in Qaddafi Foe’s Rendition

    By Ravi Somaiya, The New York Times, 18/04/2012

    18 April 2012

  100. Straw 'admitted agreeing to send suspect to Libya after he sees evidence showing he signed off' the operation'

    By Jack Doyle, The Daily Mail, 16/04/2012

    16 April 2012

  101. Straw under pressure over Belhadj rendition

    By Tom Whitehead, The Telegraph, 16/04/2012

    16 April 2012

  102. Libyan wants UK 'link with torture' exposed

    By Marco Giannangeli, The Sunday Express, 15/04/2012

    15 April 2012

  103. Watch Libyan rendition victim Abdel Hakim Belhadj talk to the European Parliament

    Libyan leader Abdel Hakim Belhadj thanks the European Parliament for taking the time to discuss his ordeal.

    12 April 2012

  104. Blair 'cannot recall' MI6 rendition of rebel Libyan to Gaddafi

    By Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 11/04/2012

    11 April 2012

  105. Tony Blair: no recollection of Libyan rendition case

    The Telegraph, 11/04/2012

    11 April 2012

  106. Abdel Hakim Belhaj to sue Diego Garcia commission

    By the BBC, 10/04/2012

    10 April 2012

  107. Gaddafi torture victim tells Tony Blair and Jack Straw to admit kidnap truth

    By Tim Shipman, The Daily Mail, 10/04/2012

    10 April 2012

  108. MI6 and a £1m 'bribe' to silence torture victim: Spies gave up dissident to Gaddafi thugs

    By Tim Shipman, The Daily Mail, 10/04/2012

    10 April 2012

  109. Abdel Hakim Belhadj exends legal action against UK over rendition to Gaddafi's Libya

    Lawyers for the Head of the Tripoli Military Council, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, have announced that they are extending their legal action against the British Government and its security forces, for the alleged illegal rendition of Mr Belhadj and his wife to Libya in 2004, to include the Commissioner for the British Indian Ocean Territory.

    10 April 2012

  110. Legal Action Over Libyan Abdel Hakim Belhadj's 'Rendition'

    The Huffington Post, 09/04/2012

    09 April 2012

  111. Muammar Gaddafi regime 'helped by MI6 over dissidents'

    By Fred Attewill, Metro, 09/04/2012

    09 April 2012

  112. MAIL COMMENT: Secret courts, Libya and Britain’s shame

    The Daily Mail, 09/04/2012

    09 April 2012

  113. Special report: Rendition ordeal that raises new questions about secret trials

    By Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 08/04/2012

    08 April 2012

  114. Rendition: did UK play secret role?

    By Jason Lewis, the Sunday Telegraph, 26/02/2012

    27 February 2012

  115. US prisoner handover 'questionable'

    By Brian Farmer, PA/The Independent, 23/02/2012

    27 February 2012

  116. Yunus Rahmatullah Appeal: British Handed Prisoner To US 'In Questionable Circumstances'

    By Press Association/Huffington Post, 23/02/2012

    27 February 2012

  117. The great British betrayal of Prisoner B

    For nearly eight years, the UK government has refused to even name him. Until we discovered his identity, he was a ghost detainee, known simply as ‘Prisoner B’.

    24 February 2012

  118. Top judge condemns UK government for failure to protect rendered prisoner Yunus Rahmatullah

    A senior British judge today condemned the UK Government for handing over a prisoner to the US “in questionable circumstances” and thereby “[selling] the pass with regard to their ability to protect him in the future.”

    23 February 2012

  119. The US has broken its promise over Yunus Rahmatullah

    The US has refused a UK demand to return one of its prisoners, so why should we send our citizens to face trial there?

    23 February 2012

  120. Yunus Rahmatullah case complaint lodged with Scotland Yard

    By Ian Cobain, the Guardian, 20/02/2012

    21 February 2012

  121. Scotland Yard probes claim that Britain sent businessman to Iraq torture jail

    By David Rose, the Mail on Sunday, 19/02/2012

    21 February 2012

  122. Bagram prisoner's bid for freedom rebuffed in UK

    By Robert Barr, the Associated Press, 20/02/2012

    21 February 2012

  123. Reprieve reports UK Government to police for war crimes over failure to secure release of Yunus Rahmatullah

    The British Government has been reported to the police over war crimes in Iraq, following its failure to secure the release of a prisoner rendered to Afghanistan and held without charge or trial for eight years.

    20 February 2012

  124. British Government in contempt of court of appeal?

    Britian had the decency to withdraw from Iraq, and much of the chaos we caused has faded from the headlines. Until now.

    20 February 2012

  125. Court hearing today 0930 on Iraq rendition; UK Govt faces threat of war crimes investigation over Yunus Rahmatullah

    The British Government could face investigation over war crimes committed in the rendition of prisoners during the Iraq war unless it can secure the release of a detainee from Bagram prison, Afghanistan, by this (Monday) morning.

    20 February 2012

  126. Six Days for Britain to Avoid War Crimes Investigation

    By Cori Crider, the Huffington Post, 15/02/2012

    16 February 2012

  127. Six Days for Britain to Avoid War Crimes Investigation

    MoD officials may imagine themselves immune from police investigation. They would do well to talk to Sir Mark Allen and the rest of the UK security establishment now under the microscope of Scotland Yard over the Libya renditions.

    16 February 2012

  128. UK Government has six days to avoid war crimes investigation

    The British Government could face investigation over war crimes committed in the rendition of prisoners during the Iraq war, unless it can persuade the US to honour agreements governing detainee transfers within the week.

    14 February 2012

  129. Britain Shouldn’t Aid a Lawless America

    By Eric L Lewis, the New York Times, 13/02/2012

    14 February 2012

  130. Listen to BBC Radio 4 on Shaker Amer

    The Today programme reports on the 10th anniversary of British resident Shaker Amer arriving in Guantánamo Bay.

    14 February 2012

  131. Former spy chief to be personally sued by Libyan rebel leaders who accuse him of complicity in torture

    By Jack Doyle, The Daily Mail, 31/01/2012

    01 February 2012

  132. The UK needs a rendition inquiry with real clout

    Instead of threatening a new system of secret courts, the British government must respond to the unprecedented wrongdoing of the 'War on Terror' years by keeping the legal system open and transparent.

    31 January 2012

  133. Listen to BBC R4 Today programme on Libyan legal action against Sir Mark Allen

    BBC's Gordon Corera reports on the legal action pursued by Libyan rendition victims Abdelhakim Belhadj and Sami al-Saadi (pictured right) against former MI6 counter-terrorism chief Sir Mark Allen.

    31 January 2012

  134. Libyan dissidents sue MI6 officer over abduction and torture claims

    By Richard Norton-Taylor and Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 31/01/2012

    31 January 2012

  135. Former Libyan detainees to sue ex MI6 chief

    Channel 4 News, 31/01/2012

    31 January 2012

  136. Gaddafi opponents sue ex-MI6 counter terror chief Sir Mark Allen over Libya torture complicity

    Two Libyans who were rendered by Britain into the hands of the Gaddafi regime in 2004 are to sue Sir Mark Allen, the former MI6 director who apparently played a central role in organising the operation.

    31 January 2012

  137. British Government abandons torture inquiry

    by Janet Stobart, LA Times, 18/01/2011

    20 January 2012

  138. Gibson inquiry into MI5 and MI6 torture collusion claims abandoned

    by Owen Bowcott, Ian Cobain, Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 19/01/2012

    19 January 2012

  139. Torture probe over complicity by British in Libya to be scrapped while criminal investigation is launched

    by Jack Doyle and Rick Dewsbury, The Daily Mail, 19/01/2012

    19 January 2012

  140. Gibson Inquiry torture investigation to be scrapped

    by Wesley Johnson, Press Association/The Independent, 18/01/2012

    19 January 2012

  141. UK scraps torture inquiry while police probe Libya cases

    by Adrian Croft, Reuters, 18/01/2012

    19 January 2012

  142. UK scraps inquiry into abuse of terrorism suspects

    by Associated Press, CBS News, 18/01/2012

    19 January 2012

  143. UK Government re-think on flawed torture Inquiry welcome

    Reprieve today welcomes the Government's announcement that it will not go ahead with the flawed Gibson Inquiry, and will set up a new inquiry once police investigations into UK collusion in Libya renditions have concluded.

    18 January 2012

  144. Listen to Clare Algar talk about the Libyan rendition investigation on BBC 5 Live

    Reprieve's Executive Director Clare Algar speaks to 5 Live about the Gibson Inquiry and the recent Crown Prosecution decision to investigate UK complicity in the rendition to torture of Libyans Sami al-Saadi and Abdel Hakim Belhadj.

    13 January 2012

  145. Watch Cori Crider talk about British rendition complicity on Al Jazeera English

    Reprieve's legal director Cori Crider speaks to Al Jazeera about whether the recently launched investigation into British complicity in rendition is a final push to hold the security services to account.

    13 January 2012

  146. British Police to Investigate Libyans' Rendition Claims

    The Tripoli Post, 13/01/12

    13 January 2012

  147. UK police to investigate Libya rendition claims

    by Laura Smith-Spark, CNN, 13/01/12

    13 January 2012

  148. Watch Clive Stafford Smith on the BBC News

    The BBC report on the case of Abdel Hakim Belhadj as an investigation into his rendition is announced.

    13 January 2012

  149. Scotland Yard Report Finds British Citizen Was Tortured in Secret CIA Site

    by Raymond Bonner, The Atlantic, 12/01/12

    12 January 2012

  150. Listen to Clive Stafford Smith on BBC Radio Humberside

    Clive Stafford Smith speaks to BBC Radio Humberside about the announcement that there will be an investigation into UK complicity in two Libyan renditions.

    12 January 2012

  151. Listen to Clive Stafford Smith on World At One

    Clive Stafford Smith speaks to World at One about the announcement of an investigation into Libyan renditions and the failings of the Gibson Inquiry.

    12 January 2012

  152. British police to probe Libya rendition claims

    by Alice Ritchie, AFP, 12/01/12

    12 January 2012

  153. Police launch probe over torture allegations in Libya

    by Wesley Johnson, The Independent, 12/01/12

    12 January 2012

  154. Libya rendition claims to be investigated by UK police

    BBC News, 12/01/12

    12 January 2012

  155. Police statement shows serious questions remain for Government over Libya torture complicity

    Response to today's joint statement by the Crown Prosecution Service and the Metropolitan Police on investigations into UK complicity in the torture of detainees.

    12 January 2012

  156. Watch Clive Stafford Smith on ITV News

    Kier Simmons reports on how documents discovered in the fall of Gaddafi's regime are set to serve as evidence into the UK's complicity in torture and rendition.

    12 January 2012

  157. Watch Clive Stafford Smith and Rosa Curling on Channel 4 News

    Jon Snow reports on the announcement today that there will be an investigation into the cases of two Reprieve assisted clients, Sami al Saadi and Abdel Hakim Belhadj.

    12 January 2012

  158. Detainee abuse inquiry criticised

    BBC News, 06/01/12

    06 January 2012

  159. Torture Inquiry criticised as 'deficient' as key anti-Gaddafi figure withdraws

    Human rights groups, including Reprieve, have today criticised the Government's Detainee Inquiry as 'deficient' and lacking in the necessary powers to get to the truth about Britain's involvement in torture and rendition.

    06 January 2012

  160. UK Government demands return of Bagram prisoner Yunus Rahmatullah from US custody

    The British Government has demanded the return of a prisoner originally detained by UK forces from the US-run Bagram prison in Afghanistan, where he has been held without charge or trial for nearly eight years.

    21 December 2011

  161. Libyan rebel leader Abdel Hakim Belhadj sues British Government for illegal rendition to Libya

    Head of the Tripoli Military Council and the former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Abdel Hakim Belhadj is taking legal action against The UK Government and its security forces for what he claims is their part in the illegal rendition and barbaric treatment of both himself and his pregnant wife in March 2004.

    19 December 2011

  162. Watch Cori Crider speak about UK involvement in Sami al-Saadi's rendition

    Reprieve's Legal Director, Cori Crider, speaks to the BBC on 16/11/11 about the UK's complicity in Sami al-Saadi's rendition and the next steps.

    23 November 2011

  163. The Government's Un-British Plans to Keep Torture Secret

    Last month I spent time with Khadidja al Saadi, a 19-year-old girl who MI6 and CIA rendered back to Gaddadfi's regime when she was 14. Khadidja's story, and the UK's shameful role in it, only emerged in the last few months, and only because Libyan rebels found the smoking gun in Moussa Koussa's office.

    21 November 2011

  164. Scotland Yard asked to investigate MI6 role in abduction of Gadaffi opponent

    by Ian Cobain and Richard Norton Taylor, The Guardian, 16/11/11

    18 November 2011

  165. Libyan victims of MI6, CIA rendition to Gaddafi file criminal complaint with British police

    A family of six which was rendered back to Gaddafi’s Libya by UK and US intelligence services has filed a criminal complaint with the Metropolitan Police over their ordeal.

    17 November 2011

  166. Watch Cori Crider respond to William Hague's security speech on ITV

    Reprieve's Legal Director Cori Crider tells ITV that Sami al Saadi will be trusting the Metropolitan Police with his case, as William Hague announces that "The time has come for Britain to draw a line under past allegations that our spies colluded in torture."

    16 November 2011

  167. Listen to Libyan rendition victim Khadija al-Saadi on BBC Radio 4

    BBC Radio 4, 14/11/11

    14 November 2011

  168. A meeting with the victims of Britain's Libyan renditions

    I am just back from Tripoli, where – amidst raucous celebrations about the end of war and dictatorship – I was part of a team investigating the cases of two families kidnapped by CIA and MI6 and sent to Gaddafi’s torture chambers.

    09 November 2011

  169. Britain helped bring her family to Gaddafi - now she is asking why

    The daughter of a Libyan dissident who was imprisoned by Muammar Gaddafi following a rendition operation mounted with the help of MI6 has told how her family was flown across the world and held for months while her father was being tortured nearby.

    24 October 2011

  170. Centuries of open justice threatened by secret courts

    by Andy McSmith and Kim Sengupta, The Independent, 19/10/11

    19 October 2011

  171. Justice and Security: an open or shut case

    Comment is free, The Guardian, 19/10/11

    19 October 2011

  172. Kenneth Clarke plans secret court hearings to avoid revealing intelligence

    by Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 19/10/11

    19 October 2011

  173. Ken Clarke wants more secret hearings in courts

    by Dominic Casciani, BBC News, 19/10/11

    19 October 2011

  174. Coalition's plans to keep torture evidence hidden

    by Paddy McGuffin, The Morning Star, 19/10/11

    19 October 2011

  175. Gaddafi opponent sues British Government over his rendition to torture

    An opponent of Colonel Gaddafi’s regime who was ‘rendered’ along with his wife and four young children to Libya by British security services in 2004 has begun legal action against the UK Government over its role in his ordeal.

    07 October 2011

  176. Listen to Clare Algar on Radio 4 on withdrawing from the Gibson enquiry

    Listen to Reprieve's Executive Director Clare Algar, on Radio 4's World Tonight programme, talk about why Reprieve will not take part in the Gibson inquiry, and the problems surrounding it.

    09 September 2011

  177. We can't shrug off these claims of torture in Libya

    The revelations from Libya show just how far we are from touching the bottom of British complicity in rendition and torture. For anyone who had hoped that, 10 years on from the catastrophic attacks on the United States which kicked off the "war on terror" we might be starting to come to terms with the abuses carried out in our name and put them behind us, the depressing news is that we seem to be further than ever from doing so.

    06 September 2011

  178. Sigrid Rausing Trust: Human rights coalition boycotts the Gibson Inquiry

    Sigrid Rausing Trust, 09/08/11

    09 August 2011

  179. Why Reprieve is quitting the torture inquiry

    Reprieve announced yesterday that we would not be taking part in the government's inquiry into collusion in torture and rendition by British security services.

    05 August 2011

  180. UK's secret policy on torture revealed

    by Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 04/08/11

    05 August 2011

  181. We covered up our involvement in torture. Now we must expose it

    by Peter Osborne, The Daily Telegraph, 04/08/11

    05 August 2011

  182. Campaigners to shun UK inquiry into detainee 'torture'

    BBC News, 04/08/11

    05 August 2011

  183. Inquiry into claims Britain was complicit in torture will be toothless

    by Jack Doyle, The Daily Mail, 04/08/11

    05 August 2011

  184. Why Reprieve is quitting the torture enquiry

    by Clare Algar, The Guardian, 04/08/11

    05 August 2011

  185. Listen to Clare Algar and Malcom Rifkind debate the Torture Inquiry on Radio 5

    Clare Algar and Malcolm Rifkind debate the need for transparency and its impact on national security.

    04 August 2011

  186. Watch Clare Algar speak to the BBC about withdrawing from the Torture Inquiry

    Reprieve's Executive Director Clare Algar explains why human rights organisations, lawyers and victims are pulling out of the British Government's Detainee Inquiry.

    04 August 2011

  187. Listen to Clare Algar talking about withdrawing from the Torture Inquiry on BBC Today programme

    Reprieve's Executive Director Clare Algar explains to BBC Radio 4's Evan Davis why human rights organisations, lawyers and victims are pulling out of the British Government's Detainee Inquiry.

    04 August 2011

  188. Human rights groups and victims abandon ‘toothless’ British torture inquiry

    Ten leading human rights organisations, along with victims of torture and their lawyers, have today withdrawn from the British Government's Detainee Inquiry on the grounds that it cannot get to the truth about torture.

    04 August 2011

  189. High Court Judges Refuse to Free Yunus Rahmatullah

    BBC News, 29/07/11

    29 July 2011

  190. Supreme court bans use of secret evidence to hide torture claims

    by Owen Bowcott, The Guardian, 13/07/2011

    14 July 2011

  191. Will the NOTW Inquiry, Like Torture, be Quietly Buried?

    Last week saw one of those little-noticed coincidences in British politics: as one inquiry into a very public scandal came struggling into the world, the slow death of another began.

    14 July 2011

  192. Reprieve comment on Supreme Court torture evidence judgement

    The Guardian reports today on a Supreme Court judgement which has gone against MI5's attempts to cover up evidence that Guantánamo detainees had been tortured.

    13 July 2011

  193. Lawyers to boycott UK torture inquiry as rights groups label it a sham

    by Ian Cobain and Richard Norton Taylor, The Guardian, 06/07/2011

    08 July 2011

  194. Spy chiefs to give evidence in public at torture inquiry

    by Lewis Smith, The Independent, 07/07/2011

    08 July 2011

  195. Detainee Inquiry will be a whitewash unless Government reconsiders today's setup

    The (Gibson) Detainee Inquiry published its terms of reference and protocol today. These fail notably to provide for a full and open evaluation of the way in which Britain was complicit in torture and rendition.

    06 July 2011

  196. UK 'must help release detainee' in Afghanistan, High Court told

    by Dominic Casciani, BBC News, 23/06/2011

    29 June 2011

  197. Foreign Secretary William Hague and Defence Secretary Liam Fox in High Court today over role in unlawful detention

    Legal action charity Reprieve is today [1030 Thursday 23 June] taking British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Defence Secretary Liam Fox to court over their role in the unlawful detention of a man rendered to an Afghan prison and held without charge for seven years.

    22 June 2011

  198. Hague’s sincerity in question over rendition comments

    In an interview with Archbishop Rowan Williams published today, William Hague agreed that extraordinary rendition is ‘absolutely’ a ‘line in the sand’ in terms of an ethical foreign policy. However, the Foreign Secretary’s own department is currently fighting in the courts against providing basic legal rights to Yunus Rahmatullah, who was captured by the UK in Iraq and rendered to Afghanistan, where he has been held without charge in Bagram prison for seven years.

    10 June 2011

  199. Government risks hypocrisy by using courts to oppose rights for Yunus Rahmatullah

    Clive Stafford Smith, Director of legal action charity Reprieve, is today writing to the Government to ask them to drop their legal opposition to providing basic rights to a man captured by UK forces and held without trial for seven years.

    25 May 2011

  200. Reprieve launches legal action to force the British government to release Yunus Rahmatullah from unlawful detention in Bagram, Afghanistan

    The British government’s Ministry of Defence will be forced to appear in court today to justify the ongoing detention without trial of Yunus Rahmatullah in Bagram Internment Facility, Afghanistan.

    17 May 2011

  201. Former Guantanamo inmate Saad Iqbal Madni's 'agony'

    by Orla Guerin, BBC News, 25/02/2011

    25 February 2011

  202. Inquiry will not get to truth about torture unless Prime Minister acts now

    Reprieve is alarmed that the panel setting up the UK inquiry into torture complicity has refused to abide by international and domestic legal standards, claiming that it is bound only by what Prime Minister David Cameron has told it to do.

    24 February 2011

  203. Torture inquiry is legally flawed, say rights groups as NGOs ponder boycott

    by Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 23/02/2011

    23 February 2011

  204. MPs urge inquiry chief to investigate ministerial complicity in torture

    In a letter to Sir Peter Gibson, members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Renditions have strongly recommended the torture inquiry look into the actions of ministers and civil servants, as well as those of intelligence officers and members of the armed forces.

    04 October 2010

  205. Nine Human Rights Organizations And Lawyers’ Groups Propose Crucial Guidelines For British Torture Inquiry

    by Andy Worthington, Eurasia Review, 15/09/2010

    16 September 2010

  206. Victims must be allowed to speak at torture inquiry, say civil rights groups

    by Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 14/09/2010

    15 September 2010

  207. Letter to Sir Peter Gibson on the UK torture inquiry

    An alliance of human rights NGOs has today written to the Chair of the inquiry into British government complicity in torture.

    14 September 2010

  208. The torture inquiry: justice must be seen to be done

    Reprieve has challenged the appointment of Sir Peter Gibson as the Chair of the forthcoming inquiry into complicity in torture on the part of the intelligence services. I want to make the reasons for this very clear.

    21 July 2010

  209. Rights group: Remove UK torture inquiry judge

    Tehran Times, 21/07/2010

    21 July 2010

  210. Reprieve: Torture inquiry chairman is 'compromised'

    BBC News, 20/07/2010

    21 July 2010

  211. Torture inquiry judge urged to quit over bias claims

    by Tim Shipman, The Daily Mail, 20/07/2010

    21 July 2010

  212. Judge leading torture inquiry has conflict of interest, legal charity says

    by Sam Jones, The Guardian, 20/07/2010

    21 July 2010

  213. Letter calling on Sir Peter Gibson to stand down as torture inquiry judge

    This is the text of Reprieve's letter to Sir Peter Gibson, asking him to reconsider his position. The fully referenced letter is attached below.

    20 July 2010

  214. Reprieve is seeking the disqualification of Sir Peter Gibson as the judge leading the UK’s inquiry into allegations of torture

    In a letter copied to the Prime Minister, Reprieve has requested that Sir Peter Gibson step aside as the judge leading the Torture Inquiry, as his impartiality is fatally compromised.

    20 July 2010

  215. Watch Clive Stafford Smith talk about the torture inquiry on BBC News

    Clive Stafford Smith talks about the Coalition Government's announcement of an inquiry into allegations of torture complicity.

    14 July 2010

  216. A Cautious Welcome for British Torture Inquiry

    by Andy Worthington, Eurasia Review, 09/07/2010

    12 July 2010

  217. Reprieve is delighted by the announcement of an inquiry into allegations of torture complicity by the British secret services

    Reprieve is delighted by the announcement of an inquiry on torture allegations, but insists 1) it cannot restore the reputation of the British security services unless its findings are made public and 2) the inquiry must address the official policy under which the intelligence agents were working at the time.

    06 July 2010

  218. A great week for Reprieve's fight against UK complicity in torture

    Two of Reprieve’s anti-torture projects have turned a corner this week.

    02 July 2010

  219. Listen to Clare Algar talk about the planned torture inquiry on BBC Radio 4

    Reports surfaced today that the government was planning an inquiry into allegations that British Security and Intelligence Services were complicit in torture.

    30 June 2010

  220. Reprieve is delighted by reports of a planned inquiry on torture allegations, and has written to the Coalition Government proposing an open and transparent structure under the Inquiries Act 2005

    Reprieve has today written to the Coalition Government, proposing a structure for a full independent inquiry into allegations of complicity in torture by the British Intelligence and Security Services.

    29 June 2010

  221. Inquiry to be held into security service torture claims

    BBC News, 29/06/2010

    29 June 2010

  222. Watch: Government to launch inquiry into British involvement in torture

    Clare Algar talks to BBC News about the proposed inquiry

    29 June 2010

  223. Path cleared for inquiry into UK's role in torture

    by Brian Brady, The Independent, 27/06/2010

    28 June 2010

  224. William Hague's torture inquiry: a prospectus

    Truth and reconciliation, not criminal prosecution, are the best way of tackling the UK's woeful record on rendition and abuse.

    24 May 2010

  225. William Hague's torture inquiry: a prospectus

    When it comes to British complicity in torture and rendition, for some years the Labour Government has put up stolid, rearguard action against the truth. Those who thought of Labour as the party of human rights will, perhaps, be sad that it has taken a coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to announce an inquiry.

    21 May 2010

  226. Reprieve welcomes Foreign Secretary William Hague’s announcement of a torture inquiry

    William Hague has announced that an inquiry should be held into the allegations of British complicity in rendition and torture. This is timely and welcome, reflecting what should be a high priority for the coalition government.

    21 May 2010

  227. UK torture inquiry demanded by victims' care groups

    by Ian Cobain, The Guardian, 22/04/2010

    22 April 2010

  228. Reprieve joins united call for an inquiry into the UK's involvement in extraordinary rendition and the mistreatment of detainees abroad

    This letter to the British government from Reprieve, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition, Amnesty International UK, Human Rights Watch and Liberty was sent today.

    22 March 2010

  229. MPs step up demands for inquiry into MI5 torture claims

    by Richard Norton- Taylor, The Guardian, 15/03/10

    16 March 2010

  230. The spooks are being sold down the river

    MI5 is at fault over torture, but its bosses refuse to be blamed for the decisions of politicians

    15 March 2010

  231. MI5 may face new torture inquiry

    by David Leppard, The Times, 21/02/10

    22 February 2010

  232. Scottish involvement in Extraordinary Rendition

    Reprieve welcomes the Scottish parliament’s decision to fully investigate the alleged use of Scottish airports to support the CIA’s illegal programme of enforced disappearance, illegal transfer and torture of prisoners in the ‘war on terror

    09 November 2009

  233. Britain's 'wall of secrecy'

    by Andrew Wander, Al Jazeera English, 04/08/09

    05 October 2009

  234. MI5 'misled MPs during torture inquiry'

    by Robert Verlaik, The Independent, 08/08/09

    08 August 2009

  235. Inquiry into torture of terror suspects looms over UK

    Russia Today, 05/08/09

    05 August 2009

  236. Tories could hold independent inquiry into torture, says Hague

    by Richard Norton-Taylor and Andrew Sparrow, The Observer, 04/08/09

    04 August 2009

  237. Let the sun shine on torture

    Government officials should be the first group covered by freedom of information laws, not the last - especially when it comes to criminal acts.

    20 June 2009

  238. Ghost Detention on Diego Garcia: report for parliament

    Reprieve's submission to the Foreign Affairs Committee detailing illegal rendition and detention on the British Overseas Territory of Diego Garcia.

    20 May 2009

  239. UN Report highly critical of rendition, torture and other abuses sanctioned by intelligence services; singles Britain out for specific criticism

    In a report that has far-reaching implications for the mistreatment of Binyam Mohamed, Martin Scheinin (the UN Special Rapporteur on the Protection of Human Rights While Countering Terrorism) will present his report on intelligence agencies, and their lack of accountability on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 (it is previewed at

    09 March 2009

  240. Watch: Reprieve demands inquiry into allegations that MI5 witnessed torture

    Clare Algar talks about Binyam Mohamed on Channel 5.

    08 March 2009

  241. Reprieve insists government confession is ‘the tip of the renditions iceberg’; inquiry urgently needed

    The British government today confirmed what Reprieve investigators uncovered many months ago: that the UK has colluded with the USA in the illegal practice of extraordinary rendition.

    26 February 2009


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