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The EC Project: Europeans Facing the Death Penalty

In 2012, Reprieve launched a three-year project, EC Project 2, funded by the European Commission. The project identifies and supports European nationals facing the death penalty in the United States, Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia, and then works with European governments and consular staff to assist their nationals.

It also provides free and confidential support to the capital defence teams to leverage government assistance, and bring European power to bear on capital cases.

This builds on the success of the first EC funded Project, launched in 2009, which worked with lawyers in the U.S. to identify and assist foreign nationals facing the death penalty.

  1. Family and childhood friends of British man facing death penalty 'overjoyed' after his acquittal

    Local Berkshire, 15/04/14

    17 April 2014

  2. Man from Slough acquitted of drugs charges in Dubai

    Slough Express, 15/04/14

    17 April 2014

  3. Hasnain Ali, the Briton tortured by Dubai police, unexpectedly acquitted on first day of his trial

    Jonathan Brown, The Independent, 15/04/14

    17 April 2014

  4. Briton held in Dubai was ‘abandoned’

    Kunal Dutta, The Independent, 13/04/14

    17 April 2014

  5. ‘Tortured’ tourist faces death penalty

    Hugh Tomlinson, The Times, 14/04/14

    17 April 2014

  6. Acquittal for Brit tortured by Dubai police

    A British man arrested and tortured by Dubai police has today been acquitted.

    15 April 2014

  7. United Arab Emirates police accused of torturing two Britons after drugs arrest

    Mark Townsend, The Guardian, 05/04/14

    09 April 2014

  8. Birmingham woman jailed for life on drug smuggling charge in Pakistan

    Asian Image, 19/03/14

    28 March 2014

  9. British Woman Khadija Shah Sentenced to Life in Pakistan Prison for Heroin Smuggling

    Ewan Palmer, International Business Times, 18/03/14

    28 March 2014

  10. UAE trial of tortured Brit marred by “serious misconduct”

    Lawyers for Hasnain Ali (32), a British citizen on trial for drug offences in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have today argued for his acquittal after an ordeal that has included torture, illegal police conduct, and a lack of evidence. Mr Ali faces a potential death sentence if convicted in the Dubai court after today’s closing arguments.

    25 March 2014

  11. British national gets life term in drugs case

    Dawn, 19/03/14

    20 March 2014

  12. British mum sentenced to life in Pakistan for heroin smuggling

    The Daily Star, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  13. Just desserts: British-Pakistani drug mule gets life in jail

    The Express Tribune, 19/03/14

    20 March 2014

  14. British woman jailed for heroin smuggling

    The Nation, 20/03/14

    20 March 2014

  15. Pakistan court sentences British woman to life imprisonment on drug charge

    The Guardian, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  16. British mother Khadija Shah jailed for life for drug smuggling in Pakistan

    Alexandra Rucki, London Evening Standard, 19/03/14

    20 March 2014

  17. British mother jailed for life in Pakistan for drug smuggling to keep baby with her in prison

    Cahal Milmo, The Independent, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  18. British baby who has spent her first 16months in Pakistani prison set to remain behind bars after her mother is given life for smuggling heroin worth £3.2m

    Daniel Miller, The Daily Mail, 19/03/14

    20 March 2014

  19. Life behind bars for Briton caught with £3.2million of heroin

    Metro, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  20. UK Woman Jailed For Life In Pakistan Over Drugs

    Sky News, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  21. UK woman jailed over Pakistan drugs

    Belfast Telegraph, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  22. British mother handed life sentence in Pakistan for attempting to smuggle drugs

    Annabel Symington, The Times, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  23. British woman Khadija Shah sentenced to life imprisonment in Pakistan for smuggling heroin

    Heather Saul, The Independent, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  24. Birmingham mum sentenced to life in Pakistan jail with her baby daughter

    Birmingham Mail, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  25. Khadija Shah Timeline: British Drug Smuggler Given Life Sentence in Pakistan with Baby Daughter

    Lydia Smith, International Business Times, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  26. British Woman Jailed in Pakistan for Drug Smuggling

    Newsweek, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  27. Pakistan jails British woman for heroin-smuggling

    AFP, 19/03/14

    20 March 2014

  28. British mother sentenced to life in prison for attempting to smuggle heroin from Pakistan

    Rob Crilly, The Telegraph, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  29. Birmingham mother sentenced to life in prison in Pakistan

    ITV, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  30. British woman gets life in Pakistan for drugs smuggling

    BBC, 18/03/14

    20 March 2014

  31. Mohammad Asghar: Supporters claim mentally ill British grandfather in Pakistan jail being denied access to doctors

    Jonathan Brown, The Independent, 13/03/14

    14 March 2014

  32. Mohammad Asghar: Schizophrenic Blasphemer on Death Sentence Denied Medical Care in Pakistan

    Ludovica Iaccino, International Business Times, 13/03/14

    14 March 2014

  33. 30,000 urge action over mentally-ill man on Pakistan death row

    Mike Wade, The Times, 13/03/14

    13 March 2014

  34. Joshua French case: Mother of former British soldier appeals to Cameron to save her son on death row in DRC

    Sarah Morrison, The Independent, 23/02/14

    24 February 2014

  35. Former Margate man convicted of murdering best friend

    Isle of Thanet Gazette, 20/02/14

    20 February 2014

  36. Former British soldier Joshua French convicted of killing 'suicide cellmate' in DRC

    Lewis Smith, The Independent, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  37. Politicians and charities call for release of mentally ill Briton sentenced to death in Pakistan for claiming to be the Prophet Mohammed

    John Hall and Leon Watson, Daily Mail, 20/02/14

    20 February 2014

  38. British ex-soldier handed life sentence in Congo for killing best friend

    The Guardian, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  39. Mohammad Asghar case: An open letter to Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain

    The Independent, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  40. Mohammad Asghar case: Act now to save Briton on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy

    Jonathan Brown and Hussein Kesvani, The Independent, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  41. Former British soldier gets life sentence in Congo for death row cellmate's murder

    James Powell, Daily Mirror, 20/02/14

    20 February 2014

  42. Life term for DRC death row soldier

    Belfast Telegraph, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  43. Norwegian gets life for killing friend in DRC prison

    AFP, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  44. British-Norwegian found guilty of killing cell mate in Congo jail

    Peter Jones, Reuters, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  45. Ex-soldier Joshua French from Margate jailed after killing cellmate Tjostolv Moland while of death row in Democratic Republic of Congo

    Kent Online, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  46. British ex-soldier on death row in the Congo handed extra life sentence for murdering cell mate and best friend despite experts concluding death was suicide

    Luke Garratt, Daily Mail, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  47. Joshua French gets life for killing Tjostolv Moland in Congo

    BBC, 19/02/14

    20 February 2014

  48. British man in DR Congo receives life sentence

    Joshua French, a British man imprisoned in the Democratic Republic of Congo who was facing the death penalty, has been given a life sentence for the murder of his best friend and cellmate despite expert reports having concluded the death was a suicide.

    19 February 2014

  49. Appeal over Mohammad Asghar blasphemy conviction

    BBC, 31/01/14

    31 January 2014

  50. Mentally ill Scot sentenced to death in Pakistan lodges appeal

    STV, 31/01/14

    31 January 2014

  51. Lawyers appeal death sentence for mentally-ill British grandfather

    Lawyers acting for Mohammed Asghar, a British grandfather suffering from severe mental illness, have today (31st Jan) filed an appeal against his conviction and death sentence for blasphemy at Pakistan’s High Court.

    31 January 2014

  52. Cameron warns Pakistan: case of mentally unwell death sentence Brit being taken “extremely seriously”

    David Cameron said today that he is “deeply concerned” about the case of a mentally unwell British man sentenced to death and that “the Pakistani authorities can be in no doubt of the seriousness with which we take these developments.”

    29 January 2014

  53. Relatives in appeal to save father from death sentence

    Herald Scotland, 28/01/14

    29 January 2014

  54. UK government urged to help Briton facing blasphemy death sentence in Pakistan

    Ekklesia, 24/01/14

    29 January 2014

  55. Family appeal over Pakistan death sentence

    BBC, 27/01/14

    29 January 2014

  56. Health fear for blasphemy case man

    The Courier, 28/01/14

    29 January 2014

  57. British man sentenced to death in Pakistan 'barely lucid'

    ITV News, 28/01/2014

    28 January 2014

  58. Death sentence Brit in Pakistan urgently needs mental health treatment, warn lawyers

    Lawyers for Mohammed Asghar, a mentally ill British man sentenced to death in Pakistan on blasphemy charges, have today (28 January) finally gained access to their client. However, they have told legal charity Reprieve that, having seen him, they are seriously concerned about his mental health.

    28 January 2014

  59. Mohammed Asghar blasphemy case: This flagrant breach of rights must be undone

    Catherine Higham, The Independent, 26/01/14

    27 January 2014

  60. Family of mentally ill Brit sentenced to death in Pakistan appeal to UK government

    The family of a British man sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy have appealed to the UK government to help their father, whose lawyers are being denied access to him in prison.

    27 January 2014

  61. Mentally ill Scot, 69, on death row in Pakistan after blasphemy conviction

    Mike Wade, The Times, 25/01/14

    27 January 2014

  62. Former British soldier faces third murder trial in Congo

    Herald Scotland, 07/01/14

    07 January 2014

  63. British ex-soldier fears defence evidence may be blocked as he faces murder trial before Congo military tribunal

    Cahal Milmo, The Independent, 06/01/14

    07 January 2014

  64. Former British paratrooper faces Congo murder trial for best friend's suicide

    Ben Farmer, The Telegraph, 06/01/14

    07 January 2014

  65. Plea over Briton's DRC murder trial

    London Evening Standard, 06/01/14

    07 January 2014

  66. Plea over Briton's DRC murder trial

    Express & Star, 06/01/14

    07 January 2014

  67. British Ex-Soldier Faces Death Penalty For Alleged 'Murder' Of Cellmate In Democratic Republic Of Congo

    Jessica Elgot, The Huffington Post, 06/01/14

    07 January 2014

  68. Former British soldier on death row in the Congo to go on trial for 'murder' of best friend

    Jessica Best, The Daily Mirror, 06/01/14

    06 January 2014

  69. US Defense Teams: European Nationals Facing the Death Penalty in the U.S.A.

    In 2012, Reprieve launched EC Project 2, funded by the European Commission. The Project identifies and assists European nationals facing the death penalty in the U.S. and around the world, and works with European governments and consular staff to assist their nationals.

    21 March 2013

  70. Brits in Dubai face their torturer in court

    Three British men being held in Dubai today faced their torturer in court. One of the policemen present at their arrest and torture gave evidence against them, despite the UAE authorities' ongoing refusal to produce a report into their mistreatment.

    14 March 2013

  71. Dubai British Tourists Arrested On Drug Charges Have 'Injuries Consistent With Torture'

    By Jessica Elgot, The Huffington Post, March 06 2013

    06 March 2013

  72. Britons who were 'tortured by Dubai police' claim they were let down by UK diplomats

    Mail on Sunday, February 24 2013

    24 February 2013

  73. 3 Brits arrested and ‘tortured’ in Dubai

    By Renz Meagan Unto, Manila Channel, February 21 2013

    21 February 2013

  74. Rights group: Britons tortured after arrest on drug charges in UAE

    By Schams Elwazer and Leone Lakhani, CNN, February 21 2013.

    21 February 2013

  75. Rats, filth and electrocution: ordeal of the Britons 'tortured' in Dubai

    By Tahira Yaqoob, The Telegraph, February 21 2013

    21 February 2013

  76. 'Forced to watch rapes in prison': British men held for seven months without trial after being arrested in Dubai for possession of synthetic cannabis

    By Christian Gysin & Tahira Yaqoob, Mail Online, February 21 2013

    21 February 2013

  77. Three British men 'tortured' by police in Dubai

    The Telegraph, February 21 2013.

    21 February 2013

  78. Three British tourists 'tortured by police' after drugs arrest in Dubai

    AOL Travel, February 20 2013

    20 February 2013

  79. Dubai denies abuse allegation by Britons held on drug charges

    Reuters, February 20 2013

    20 February 2013

  80. British tourists 'tortured' in Dubai

    By Loveday Morris. The Independent, February 20 2013.

    20 February 2013

  81. Three Britons tortured in Dubai police custody, rights charity claims

    By Amelia Hill, The Guardian, February 20 2013

    20 February 2013

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