1. Drone from beneath


    The CIA killer drones programme is the death penalty without trial, and the new face of state lawlessness in the name of counter-terrorism. Reprieve is assisting victims' families to seek legal accountability for drone attacks, with the goal of exposing the programme to scrutiny and restoring the rule of law.

  2. Map of Europe

    European rendition complicity

    Reprieve is actively investigating the role of European states, including Romania, Poland and Lithuania, in the illegal incarceration and torture of prisoners in the "War on Terror".

  3. Generic - barbed wire

    Proxy detention

    Over the years of the War on Terror, the shape of secret prisons has changed. The days have mostly passed when hundreds of men were scooped up from the four corners of the globe, shuttled to black sites in Europe or Afghanistan and, finally, warehoused in Guantánamo.

  4. Rendition Plane N379P

    Renditions Inc.

    Investigating corporate complicity in extraordinary rendition, secret detention and torture.

  5. Hangings Iran

    Stop Aid for Executions (SAFE)

    UK government aid to support counter-narcotics efforts is intended to halt the flow of drugs into the UK. Unfortunately, it is often applied in regions where drug offences carry the death penalty. Instead of cutting crime, the British counter-narcotics money is facilitating executions – often of British nationals.

  6. Death row - table through window

    Stop the Lethal Injection Project (SLIP)

    The Hippocratic Oath is the bedrock of Western medicine. Its fundamental tenets – to work for the health and benefit of the sick and protect them from harm and injustice – are at the heart of the physician’s code of conduct. But medical ethics don’t just concern physicians; all branches of the medical community are committed to providing services which improve the health and lives of mankind – and none would wish their services to be used for ill.

  7. Death Row - hands through prison bars

    The EC Project: Europeans Facing the Death Penalty

    Whether you are a lawyer, a consular official, or a family member trying to help a European national at risk of the death penalty, Reprieve can provide free and confidential advice and support. If you are a US capital defense lawyer please visit our dedicated US Defense Teams page for more information on how Reprieve can help on your case.

  8. Generic - cell exterior small window

    The Justice and Security Bill

    The Government has published a Bill which would mean that in future, UK complicity in torture and rendition will be covered up, rather than brought to light. Reprieve is working to oppose these plans and ensure they do not become law.

  9. Generic - light bulb in dingy corridor

    The Pakistan Police Torture Project

    This project was designed to highlight a serious problem that affects British nationals and others – police torture in Pakistan. Many British nationals of Pakistani origin travel to Pakistan every year. There, they can be arrested, and tortured. This project was designed to gather personal accounts to create a body of evidence which we could use to advocate for change to the Pakistani authorities.

  10. Map of Britain

    UK torture complicity

    Since 2002, despite repeated assertions from the British government about its opposition to such abuse, Reprieve has encountered and uncovered evidence of UK involvement in activities amounting to complicity in torture.

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