Guantánamo Bay

Reprieve represents 15 prisoners in Guantánamo Bay and provides assistance for many more; over 65 of our clients have been released to date.

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  1. Ahmed Belbacha

    Ahmed Belbacha

    Former British resident Ahmed Belbacha was released in February 2014 after 12 years at Guantánamo Bay, during which he was never charged or tried for any crime.

  2. Ahmed Errachidi (cropped)

    Ahmed Errachidi

    Ahmed Errachidi was released from Guantánamo on 24 April 2007 having spent five years there falsely accused of being Osama bin Laden’s general and main man.

  3. ayman al shurafa

    Ayman al Shurafa

    Palestinian national Ayman al Shurafa has now been released from Guantánamo and is settled in Germany.

  4. Binyam Mohamed

    Binyam Mohamed

    After years of brutal torture and abuse in the US secret prison network, Binyam Mohamed was released from Guantanamo Bay in February 2009. The 31-year old returned to Britain where he is rebuilding his life.

  5. Bisher al-Rawi

    Bisher al-Rawi

    Bisher al-Rawi is a British resident whose family fled Iraq and came to England in 1984, after his father was imprisoned and tortured by Saddam Hussein’s regime. He was released fromGuantánamo Bay in March 2007.

  6. Hedi Hammamy

    Hedi Hammamy

    Hedi Hammamy was seized while living with his wife and baby daughter in Lahore, Pakistan in the Spring of 2002. He was released in March 2010.

  7. Hisham Sliti

    Hisham Sliti

    Hisham Sliti arrived in Guantánamo Bay after being captured and sold for a bounty to Pakistani soldiers in December 2001. He was then handed over to the Americans in January 2002. Subjected to brutal torture for four months in Kandahar Afghanistan, he was moved to Guantánamo in May 2002.

  8. Ismail Mohammed2

    Ismail Mahmoud Muhammad

    Reprieves congratulates Somaliland on welcoming home Ismail Mohamed who was wrongfully incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay

  9. Jamil el Banna

    Jamil el Banna

    Jamil el Banna is a Jordanian with refugee status in Britain. He was kidnapped in Gambia in November 2002 and held in US custody until November 2007.

  10. Mohammed el Gharani

    Chadian citizen, Mohammed el Gharani was the youngest prisoner in Guantánamo Bay, arrested when he was just 14. In January 2009, a federal judge ordered his release and he was returned to Chad in June 2009.

  11. nabil hadjarab adult

    Nabil Hadjarab

    Former French resident Nabil Hadjarab was held prisoner in Guantánamo Bay between February 2002 and August 2013. He was cleared for release in 2007, when American officials confirmed that he was no threat to anyone.

  12. Nabil Hadjarab (young man)

    Nabil Hadjarab (français)

    Nabil Hadjarab a passé onze ans pénibles dans le centre de détention de la Baie de Guantánamo. Il n'a été inculpé d'aucun crime et n'a eu droit à aucun procès. En 2007, les autorités américaines ont confirmé qu'il ne présentait aucune menace pour quiconque. Les agents responsables de son interrogatoire l’avait, en réalité, déjà informé de la confusion de son identité avec celle d'un autre homme: sa détention est une erreur. En août 2013, Nabil a été libéré et a pu rentrer chez lui en Algérie.

  13. Saleh Sassi

    Saleh Sassi

    Former Italian resident Saleh Sassi was arrested in Afghanistan and handed to the US military in 2001. A short time later he was transferred to Guantanamo Bay. On February 23, 2010, he was released to Albania.

  14. Sherif el Mashad

    Sherif el Mashad

    Italian resident Sherif el Mashad has been held in Guantanamo Bay since 2001. He was arrested after crossing the border into Pakistan from Afghanistan, was transferred to US custody, and taken to Guantanamo Bay. In February 2010, Sherif was released to Albania.

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