Guantánamo Bay

Reprieve represents 15 prisoners in Guantánamo Bay and provides assistance for many more; over 65 of our clients have been released to date.

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  1. Generic - light bulb in dingy corridor

    Abu Wa'el Dhiab

    Mr. Dhiab, a father of four and devoted husband, was cleared for release by the US Government in 2009; yet he remains in Guantánamo Bay after more than a decade without charge or trial.

  2. Abu Zubaydah

    Abu Zubaydah

    Abu Zubaydah is currently being detained in Guantánamo Bay. Falsely suspected of being a high-value member of al Qaeda and the organisation’s Chief of Operations, he has been held in secret prisons around the world for over eight years without trial or charge and subjected to horrendous torture.

  3. Adel Fattough Ali al Gazzar in Slovakia

    Adel Fattough Ali al Gazzar

    Religious missionary Adel Fattough Ali al Gazzar was seized during his journey across the Muslim world after being severely wounded by a US airstrike in Afghanistan in 2001. He was released to Slovakia in January 2010. On 13 June 2011, he flew to Egypt to reunite with his mother, wife and children and was arrested.

  4. Adel al Hakeemy

    Adel Hakeemy

    Italian resident, Adel Hakeemy, moved to Pakistan to marry and was seized by Pakistani bounty hunters in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks and sold to US forces, who took him to Guantánamo Bay.

  5. Emad

    Emad Hassan

    Yemeni Emad Hassan was seized while studying in Pakistan. During interrogation he was asked if he knew Al Qaeda, and said yes, referring to a small village called Al Qa'idah near his home in Yemen. As a result of this he has been held in Guantanamo for nearly 12 years.

  6. Hisham Sliti

    Hisham Sliti

    Hisham Sliti arrived in Guantánamo Bay after being captured and sold for a bounty to Pakistani soldiers in December 2001. He was then handed over to the Americans in January 2002. Subjected to brutal torture for four months in Kandahar Afghanistan, he was moved to Guantánamo in May 2002.

  7. Abdulmalik Mohamed

    Mohammed Abdulmalik

    Kenyan father-of-three Mohammed Abdulmalik was transferred by his own government to US secret prison system. Abdulmalik now waits in Guantánamo Bay, while the Kenyan government refuses to admit responsibility or even accept that he is a Kenyan.

  8. Generic - Gitmo

    Nadir Mohammed Abdullah bin Sa’adoun

    Yemeni citizen, Nadir Mohammed Abdullah bin Sa'adoun Al Sa'ary has been held in Guantanamo Bay since the prison opened. He was arrested in Pakistan and rendered to US custody in Afghanistan before being taken to Cuba.

  9. Generic for Dark Prison

    Said Farhi

    On 5 January 2011, Said Farhi was forcibly repatriated to Algeria against his will. Imprisoned by the US since 2001, Said had been fighting a court battle to be allowed to stay in Guantanamo for fear of torture and persecution in his home country. Reprieve has grave fears for his safety.

  10. Saifullah Paracha

    Saifullah Paracha

    Elderly Pakistani businessman Saifullah Paracha was seized in Bangkok on the way to a business meeting in 2003. He was rendered to Guantanamo Bay, where he suffers from a range of serious health problems.

  11. Samir Najy Hasan Mukbel

    Yemeni national Samir Mukbel was seized in Pakistan as he tried to cross the border without a passport at the outbreak of the war. He has been held in Guantanamo Bay without trial or charge for eleven years.

  12. Shaker Aamer at Guantanamo

    Shaker Aamer

    British resident Shaker Aamer has been cleared for release from Guantánamo Bay but remains imprisoned. Meanwhile, in London, his wife and children await his freedom - he has never seen his youngest son.

  13. Younous Chekkouri

    Younous Abdurrahman Chekkouri

    Morrocan national Younous Abdurrahman Chekkouri spent five months in jail in Kandahar before being transferred to Guantanamo Bay where he has been incarcerated since 2002 when he was captured in Pakistan.

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