Drone Summit: Killing and Spying by Remote Control

28 April 201229 April 2012

Drone from beneath

CODEPINK is, together with Reprieve and the Center of Constitutional Rights (CCR), hosting a weekend conference - the first of its kind - to explore the use of drones domestically and internationally.

On Saturday 28 April (9am-9pm), human rights advocates, robotics technology experts, lawyers, journalists and activists, including Reprieve's own Clive Stafford Smith and Tara Murray, will talk about the widespread and rapidly expanding deployment of both lethal and surveillance drones, including drone use in the United States. It will also be possible to listen to personal stories of those affected in countries such as Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

On Sunday 29 April (10am-4pm), there will be a strategy session to network, discuss and plan advocacy in relation to the various aspects of drones, including targeted killing and surveillance.

Register now to attend "Drone Summit: Killing and Spying by Remote Control" on 28-29 April, in Washington, DC. You can also visit the Facebook Page and follow @WarDronesOn on Twitter for updates.

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