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The abuse in Guantánamo Bay is getting worse. The guards beat our clients, and refuse them basics like blankets to keep warm during the cold nights. Force-feeding sessions are brutal punishment for those who dare to protest their indefinite detention with a peaceful hunger strike. The victim is strapped into a chair, and the line thrust up his nose and down to his stomach at such speed that he vomits.

Compassion doesn’t exist in Guantánamo, even amongst the doctors. The authorities there can’t let the detainees die, but they will not let them live like human beings. They see the hunger strike as dangerous disobedience, and retaliate with violence.

But there is hope. Last year, when we helped our clients to publicise their peaceful protest, the US authorities began to feel the heat. Quietly, they freed our clients Nabil Hadjarab and Ahmed Belbacha. These two men are now slowly rebuilding their lives.

Our lawyers are challenging the abuse in the US courts, but we urgently need funds to keep going. Litigation and visits to Guantánamo use up our resources, but they are absolutely vital if we are to stop this abuse.

The men left behind need us now more than ever. Can you chip in today to defend Guantanamo prisoners from the systematic abuse they endure every day? Please donate now.


A Forcible Cell Extraction

A letter from from Emad Hassan, held without trial in Guantánamo Bay since 2002.

A warm greeting from a cold place, from those who hold the dying embers of a just world here in Guantánamo Bay.

For the first time, I am hesitating before I describe the events in this prison. I am shaking physically – as well as mentally – as I write this. It seems that the world has become inured to the events of Guantánamo, just as we, who are trapped here, tire of crying every day.

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