Paco Larranaga

Paco Larrañaga

Nationality: Spanish and Filipino
Arrested: 1997, the Philippines
Sentenced to death: February 2004
Legal status: Death sentence commuted to life imprisonment in April 2006

Along with six other men, Paco Larrañaga was convicted of kidnapping two sisters in the Philippines - despite witness testimony to support his claim that he was in another city on the day of the crime.

Francisco Juan 'Paco' Larrañaga, who holds both Spanish and Filipino nationality, was found guilty by Cebu City Regional Trial court for kidnapping and illegally detaining sisters Marijoy and Jacqueline Chiong in 1997.

The prosecution alleged that Paco and his co-accused abducted and raped the sisters before throwing their bodies over a cliff.

At first, Paco was given two life sentences. However, in February 2004 the Supreme Court of the Philippines added convictions for rape and murder and imposed a death sentence.

Paco has always maintained that he was not in Cebu on the day of the crime. Witnesses confirm that he was with friends in a restaurant in Quezon City, Manila, until early the next morning.

Reprieve conducted investigation into the case in late 2005. In April 2006, the President of the Philippines commuted the death sentences of all death row prisoners to life imprisonment.

However, only exoneration and release will amount to justice for Paco.

Paco Larrañaga's case history

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