Khadija Shah baby behind bars

Khadija Shah

Date of birth: 15 February 1987
Arrested: 6 May 2012
Currently held: Adiala Prison, Pakistan
Legal status: Sentenced to life in prison

Khadija Shah, a 27 year old British mother from Birmingham, is serving a life sentence in Pakistan for alleged drug trafficking.

Khadija was arrested in Islamabad airport in May 2012. She was heavily pregnant at the time of her arrest and, together with her two young children (4 and 6 years old) was imprisoned in infamous Adiala Jail in Pakistan.

Her children were incarcerated for four and a half months before being released into the care of their grandmother and allowed to return to Britain. Khadija herself was let out of the prison for just one day to give birth to baby Malaika, and returned immediately to Adiala Jail where she and her baby girl have remained ever since. Adiala prison is known for its dangerously "unhygienic conditions", which recently saw a serious outbreak of TB.

Khadija, a vulnerable young mother, was ultimately given a life sentence. She and baby Malaika remain behind bars in Adiala Jail in Pakistan.  

For more on the British Government's role in facilitating Khadija's arrest and sentence, see our Stop Aid For Executions project.

Khadija Shah's case history

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