Ibn ql Sheikh al Libi (Google images)

Ibn al Sheikh al Libi

Held: USS Bataan, Egypt, Libya
Legal status: Died in custody

Sheikh al Libi, the ‘informer’ whose false statements – obtained by torture – were used to justify the Iraq war, is now reported to have died in custody in Libya.

Ibn al Sheikh al Libi was tortured by the CIA, first aboard a US prison ship and then in Egypt, into alleging that Saddam Hussein was connected to al Qaeda. His statements were used by the American government to justify the invasion of Iraq. When they proved false, al Libi was ‘disappeared’ by the US to the worst prison in Libya, a country renowned for its human rights abuses. It is thought that al Libi was transferred to Libya rather than to Guantánamo Bay in order to suppress his story and avoid further embarrassment to the USA.

We are now told that al Libi committed suicide in his Libyan prison. However, Reprieve has good reason to believe that he may have died from untreated tuberculosis that originally developed during his time in US custody.

Ibn al Sheikh al Libi's case history


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