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Bagram Airbase

Location: 27 miles north of Kabul, Afghanistan
Number of prisoners: c. 2,400; 41 are third country nationals.
Prisoners involved: Binyam Mohamed, Tariq Dergoul, Omar Deghayes, Jamal Kiyemba, Ahmed Errachidid, Sami ail Hajj, Moazzam Begg, Awaal Khan, Hamidullah Khan, Abdul Haleem Saifullah, Fazal Karim, Iftikhar Ahmad, Yunus Rahmatullah

  1. Lahore High Court orders Pakistan Government to challenge the US over the illegal detention of Pakistanis in Bagram

    The Lahore High Court on Wednesday 21st March ordered Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to immediately write to the government of the United States demanding details about seven Pakistani nationals currently detained in Afghanistan at Bagram Airbase, including the reasons for their arrest and the legal charges levelled against them.

    22 March 2012

  2. Activists make it more difficult for Islamabad to ignore the plight of Pakistanis detained in Afghanistan

    by Daniel Morgan, Newsweek Pakistan, 19/08/11

    15 August 2011

  3. Lahore High Court forces Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reveal all communications with US regarding ‘disappeared’ Pakistanis rendered to Bagram

    Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) appeared for the eighth time before the Lahore High Court today to challenge the Pakistani government’s role in the rendition of seven Pakistani citizens kidnapped and held without charge in Bagram, Afghanistan.

    10 June 2011

  4. Obama pursues Bush policies: US insists that they can detain an innocent 14 year-old forever without charges or a trial in Bagram Air Force Base, despite not even knowing how old he is

    Hamidullah is a young Pakistani boy – only 14 years old at the time of his seizure – who was sent by his father from their home in Karachi to the ancestral family village in Waziristan in July 2008 to bring home some family belongings.

    16 February 2011

  5. In limbo in Bagram

    by Rafia Zakaria, Dawn, 13/10/2010

    13 October 2010

  6. Reprieve sues Pakistan government on behalf of seven ‘disappeared’ prisoners rendered to illegal detention in Bagram Prison, Afghanistan

    Reprieve and local partners have this week launched legal action in the Lahore High Court on behalf of seven ‘disappeared’ Pakistani citizens currently detained in the notorious US prison in Bagram, Afghanistan.

    05 October 2010

  7. Listen to Clive Stafford Smith talk to the BBC about suspected 'black site' at Bagram Airbase

    New allegations of abuse at a secret US-run legal black hole in Afghanistan.

    25 May 2010

  8. Lawyer Questions Plan to Tear Down Afghan Prison

    by The Associated Press, 31/12/09

    31 December 2009

  9. Why no lawyers at Bagram?

    The Obama Administration is to impose a military review process at Bagram, but prisoners are still denied lawyers and the prison is growing.

    11 September 2009

  10. Guantanamo's 'more evil twin'?

    by Andrew Wander, Al Jazeera English, 22/08/09

    22 August 2009

  11. U.S. battling CIA rendition case in 3 courts

    by Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle, 10/08/09

    10 August 2009

  12. Bagram lesser known - but more evil - twin of Guantanamo

    by Clara Gutteridge, Reuters, 24/06/09

    24 June 2009

  13. Bagram is the new Guantánamo Bay

    Bagram is the new Guantánamo Bay: BBC revelations confirm abuses in Bagram Air Force Base; Reprieve calls on the Government to take action concerning the two Pakistanis who the British helped render there from Iraq.

    24 June 2009

  14. The Bagram Bait & Switch

    President Obama has decided to deny Bagram's prisoners their rights.

    21 February 2009

  15. British court asks that President Obama reconsider his predecessor’s repeated 'threats' levelled against UK judges

    British court asks that President Obama reconsider his predecessor’s repeated “threats” levelled against the judges who considered allowing the public to learn the details of American torture of Binyam Mohamed

    04 February 2009

  16. Taxi to the Dark Side Screening

    Reprieve holds screening of Alex Gibney's documentary Taxi to the Dark Side.

    15 June 2008


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