Ahmad Zeidan

Date of Birth: 21 July 1993
Nationality: British
Arrested: December 2013
Current location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  1. Tortured British student faces verdict in UAE appeal

    **UPDATE (12 Sept, 2014): Ahmad Zeidan's verdict was delayed, and is now expected on 18 September** A verdict is expected today (Monday 8 Sept) in the appeal by a British student against his conviction in Sharjah, UAE, which was based on a ‘confession’ extracted from him through torture.

    07 September 2014

  2. Travelling to the Emirates this summer? Watch out for these 7 torture hotspots

    This week, it emerged that the government of the United Arab Emirates had issued a ‘safety map’ of London, showing Emirati tourists the areas they are most likely to get robbed. Taking their lead, we’ve produced our own map for anyone thinking of travelling to the Emirates this summer.

    20 August 2014

  3. Tortured Briton Ahmad Zeidan appeals against UAE conviction

    A British student who was tortured by police in the UAE into ‘confessing’ to drugs offences has today appealed against his conviction.

    07 August 2014

  4. Cameron: UAE torture allegations taken “extremely seriously” by UK

    The British Prime Minister has said that the UK will continue to raise with UAE authorities the case of a British student who was tortured by police into signing a confession to drugs offences.

    06 August 2014

  5. Briton: 'UAE police threatened rape to make me confess’.

    BBC News, 06/08/14.

    06 August 2014

  6. Charity fights for Reading student facing nine years in Dubai jail

    Linda Fort, Get Reading, 26/06/14.

    26 June 2014

  7. David Cameron urged to help Reading man jailed in UAE

    BBC Berkshire, 18/06/14.

    18 June 2014

  8. PM urged to defend British student jailed after torture in UAE

    Prime Minister David Cameron is being urged to intervene to protect a British student who was tortured into ‘confessing’ to drugs charges in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    18 June 2014

  9. British Student Ahmad Zeidan, Jailed For Nine Years In UAE Prison, Was 'Tortured' Into Cocaine Confession

    The Huffington Post, 10/06/14.

    10 June 2014

  10. “They would just randomly beat me” – British student tells of UAE torture ordeal

    “They would just randomly beat me” – British student tells of UAE torture ordeal

    09 June 2014

  11. Student 'tortured' into drug charge confession in UAE

    BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat (Online). 09/06/14.

    09 June 2014

  12. أدلة تعذيب 19 سجين في الإمارات في عهدة الأمم المتحدة

    Watanserb (Arabic), 08/06/14

    08 June 2014

  13. British student jailed for nine years in Dubai over £3 worth of cocaine

    AOL Travel. 01/06/14.

    03 June 2014

  14. Brit jailed for 9 years for carrying drugs worth £3 in UAE

    ITV News. 02/06/14.

    03 June 2014

  15. British student jailed in UAE after 'confession' under torture

    British student jailed in UAE after 'confession' under torture

    02 June 2014

  16. Reading student jailed in UAE for cocaine possession

    BBC News Berkshire, 02/06/14.

    02 June 2014

  17. British student, 21, jailed for nine years in Dubai for possessing cocaine worth £3... but claims he was forced into confession after being beaten and threatened with rape

    David Rose, Mail Online, 01/06/14.

    02 June 2014

  18. UAE authorities seek to prevent fair trial for tortured Brit

    Authorities in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), yesterday sought to block lawyers for a British student from accessing evidence of his torture, in contravention of international law.

    24 April 2014

  19. Briton’s UAE torturers to give evidence at his trial tomorrow

    Two of the policemen who tortured a British student are set to appear at his trial tomorrow (23 April) in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    22 April 2014

  20. Tortured Briton in UAE prison punished for complaining about mistreatment

    A British student who was arrested and tortured in Sharjah, UAE has been punished by prison authorities after complaining about his mistreatment.

    22 April 2014


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