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Write a letter to a Guantánamo Bay prisoner

on 11 January 2011

Today is the ninth anniversary of Guantánamo and 173 men - many of whom have been cleared for release by the US authorities for years - are still imprisoned.

We are asking you to send one or more of them a letter to let them know that the world has not forgotten about them.

Please address all letters to:

Detainee Name
Detainee ISN
U.S. Naval Station
Guantánamo Bay
Washington, D.C. 20355
United States of America

Include a return address on the envelope.

A sample of men to whom you can write:

Abdul Razak (ISN 219). Abdul is Uighur meaning that he is a Chinese Muslim and cannot return home due to fears of persecution and torture even though he has been cleared for release.

Ahmed Belbacha (ISN 290) fled his home country, Algeria, in fear for his life. He is known as the best footballer in Guantánamo.

Obaidullah (ISN 762) is a 27 year old man from Afghanistan. He was captured at the age of 19.

Ahmed Adnan Ajam (ISN 326), a citizen of Syria, is now 33 years old after spending over eight years in Guantánamo.

Sabir Osman (ISN 282), as a Uighur, has been cleared for release but cannot return to his home country.

Muhammad al Ansi (ISN 029) is a citizen of Yemen. Yemeni men held in Guantánamo cannot return to their homeland after Obama banned transfers to Yemen because of the ‘Underpant Bomber’ in 2009.

Younous Chekkouri (ISN 197) is a Moroccan citizen. Younous enjoys drawing, especially roses, and would love pictures of flowers.

Musa’ab Omal Al Madhwani (ISN 839) is a Yemeni who cannot return home due to the ban on transfers to Yemen.

Umar Hamzayevich Abdulayev (ISN 257). Umar is from Tajikistan and was captured in Pakistan. Today, Omar has spent 8 years and 11 months in Guantánamo.

Adel Hakeemy (ISN 168) makes sure to exercise and read books everyday while in Guantánamo. He hopes to one day open a restaurant.

Jalal bin Amer (ISN 564) is a Yemen citizen.

Razak Ali (ISN 685) is a citizen of Algeria. Many of the Algerians held in Guantánamo would rather stay in US custody than be repatriated because of extreme fear of torture and persecution.

Hisham Sliti (ISN 174) is originally from Tunisia, but later settled in Italy. Hisham is particularly urbane and has a personality larger than life.

Mohammed Ahmed Saeed Hidar (ISN 498) is from Yemen. Like the other Yemenis in Guantánamo, Mohammed is stuck in limbo as he cannot return home due to a ban on transfers to Yemen.

Abdul Sabour (ISN 275) is a Uighur. He waits in Guantánamo until a suitable home can be found for him.

Waleed Saeed Bn Saeed Zaid (ISN 550) hails from Yemen. This month, Waleed will have been held in Guantánamo for 8 years and 8 months.

Nabil Hadjarab (ISN 238) is an Algerian citizen, but was raised in France. Nabil dreams of one day raising a family in France, close to his relatives.

Sa’ad Al Azani (ISN 575) cannot return home to Yemen after the Obama administration barred detainees going home in December 2009.

Nadir Mohammed Abdullah bin Sa’adoun (ISN 030) is a native of Yemen.

Saifullah Paracha (ISN 1094) is 67 years old. He studied at the New York Institute of Technology and lived in New York City for over a decade. Saifullah is very ill and has suffered three heart attacks during his time in Guantánamo.

Khalid Ali (ISN 280) is a Chinese Muslim, or Uighur, and faces torture and persecution if returned home.

Samir Mukbel (ISN 043) was born and raised in Yemen where, since the age of 11, he worked at a plastics factory for $50 a month to support his family. He was one of the first men to arrive at Guantanamo in January 2002.

Shaker Amer (ISN 239) is the last remaining British resident in Guantánamo Bay. His wife and children await his freedom in London. He has never seen his youngest son.

Suhail Anam (ISN 569) hails from Yemen.

Abdul Rahman Al Qyati (ISN 461) is a Yemeni.

Mohsen Aboassy (ISN 091) enjoys reading about football and likes picture of nature, especially from magazines like National Geographic.

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