Tara Murray

Guantánamo Habeas Week: Exposing torture, misconceptions and government incompetence

on 21 April 2010

72% of Guantánamo prisoners whose cases have been reviewed by US courts were found to have been illegally held by the Americans.

Since June 2008, when the landmark US Supreme Court decision Boumediene finally gave Guantánamo prisoners the right to challenge their detentions in US courts, nearly 3/4ths of the prisoners whose habeas cases have advanced have been successful. 

This week, Andy Worthington will be hosting “Guantanamo Habeas Week” on his site, where he’ll be examining the 47 cases that have been decided thus far. 

The rulings reviewed shed light on the utter lack of evidence available to support the US’s detention of the men, some who have been held for more than eight years.

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