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  1. Clemency Wells

    Anti-drones peace march a huge success

    Clemency Wells on 08 October 2012

    Over the weekend Reprieve's Director Clive Stafford Smith along with Imran Khan, US activists, and journalists from around the world made an unprecedented journey to Waziristan to protest the use of drones in the region.

    Thousands of local people joined the convoy which ended up being around nine miles long. The project was an enormous success generating massive media coverage around the world. The whole story is available on our Twitter feed and there will be more coverage to come.

    Thousands of men, women, and children are terrorised daily by the constant presence of drones in Waziristan as part ...

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  2. Generic: Guantanamo Bay by Cortney Busch

    Possible indefinite detention of US citizens heads to Court of Appeals

    Hilary Stauffer on 05 October 2012

    Just one month before the U.S. presidential election, the Obama Administration has sought and won a court ruling to uphold some of the worst provisions in the now notorious National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA 2012).

    The NDAA is already infamous for its draconian effects on the fate of prisoners detained in Guantanamo Bay.  It prohibits the use of military funds for the transfer or resettlement of Guantánamo detainees[1], even those who have been cleared for release (including the 55 detainees whose names were unexpectedly made public by the U.S. Department of Justice two weeks ago). The ...

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  3. Drone from beneath

    Living with death by drone

    Jen Gibson on 05 October 2012

    Last week, Stanford University and New York University released a major study about the use of drones in the ever-evolving but never-ending war on terror. Unfortunately, many commentators missed the report's key message: Drones are terrorizing an entire civilian population.

    I was one of the researchers for the study, and spent weeks in Pakistan interviewing more than 60 people from North Waziristan. Many were survivors of strikes. Others had lost loved ones and family members. All of them live under the constant threat of annihilation.

    What my colleagues and I learned from these unnamed and unknown victims of America ...

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  4. Clive Stafford Smith by I.Robins BW

    Bin Laden's Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker

    Clive Stafford Smith on 04 October 2012

    Years ago, two men named William Jent and Earnest Miller were sentenced to death in Florida, only to be granted a new trial when evidence emerged, previously suppressed by the prosecution, pointing to their innocence. However, unwilling to admit his mistake, the District Attorney demanded that both should plead guilty in exchange for a sentence of 'time served', and their liberty. As they left the courthouse, one remarked on the irony: "When I said truthfully that I was innocent, they sentenced me to death; today, when I said I committed the crime, they set me free."

    Once I thought that ...

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  5. Clare Algar2 BW

    The Secret Justice Bill will allow governments to conceal embarrassing information

    Clare Algar on 01 October 2012

    The Government’s claim that “nothing currently heard in open court could be heard in secret” under the Justice and Security Bill can only mean one of two things: either those responsible for the Bill are seeking to mislead the public, or they have failed to understand the full implications of the legislation.

    The Bill would give ministers the power to push civil cases into secret proceedings simply by claiming ‘national security.’ Judges would be stripped of their current powers to weigh competing concerns of the need for justice and the need for security when deciding what should be secret ...

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  6. Clive Stafford Smith by I.Robins BW

    Why are CIA drones still causing the deaths of innocents in pakistan?

    Clive Stafford Smith on 25 September 2012

    In Pakistan there are 800,000 people playing Russian Roulette. They do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's not a voluntary game. Someone else holding the gun, refusing to tell how many projectiles there are in the chamber, or even who the weapon is currently aimed at.

    According to a report published today by Stanford University and New York University, CIA drones are inflicting this terror on the communities of Waziristan, in North-West Pakistan. The report, originally commissioned by Reprieve, warns that the United States' drone campaign is terrorizing the men, women and children who ...

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  7. Clemency wells by E.Purdon BW

    Reprieve Chair Lord Macdonald speaks out against British Role in Drone Attacks

    Clemency Wells on 19 September 2012

    Reprieve’s chair Ken Macdonald QC was on the front page of The Times(£) earlier this week challenging the UK government to come clean about their role in the US’ illegal and devastating drone strikes in Pakistan.

    CIA drone strikes have killed over 3000 people in Pakistan alone, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, including hundreds of children.

    Reprieve is on the ground in Pakistan investigating these drone attacks and their effects, and bringing legal action here in the UK on behalf of Noor Khan whose father was killed in 2011 by a drone strike. Reprieve is asking the ...

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  8. Clive Stafford Smith

    How loans put a noose around the neck of the student

    Clive Stafford Smith on 12 September 2012

    I am writing from America, where the latest figures are now in on student debt. Once again, we can see the future for the UK - indeed I have lived that future for many years - and it's a disaster. 

    The front page headline in the New York Times is grim: Debt Collectors Cashing in on Student Loan Roundup (NYT, A1, Sunday Sept. 9, 2012). Students were protesting, wearing T-shirts advertising their levels of debt: $20,000, $75,000 and $90,000.  Debt collectors were gloating. “I couldn’t believe the accumulated wealth they represented – for our industry,” wrote one, in ...

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  9. Generic - barbed wire hazy

    Federal judge backs Guantanamo prisoners' right to a lawyer

    Reprieve on 07 September 2012

    Yesterday, the D.C. District Court issued a ruling that will prevent the U.S. government from further eroding the rights of Guantánamo detainees. 

    In a strongly worded judgmentChief Judge Royce C. Lamberth upbraided the Obama Administration for the “illegitimate exercise of Executive power” in its attack on the most basic of detainee rights: access to a lawyer.

    Earlier this year the Obama Administration had attempted to argue that the court order protecting attorney-client relations in Guantánamo Bay expired after the completion of judicial proceedings (ie. after a detainee failed to make a successful habeas corpus claim ...

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  10. Shooting apps fine, says Apple, just don’t mention the drone attacks

    Catherine Gilfedder on 03 September 2012

    Apple has for the third time this month rejected an iPhone app which alerts the user to a drone attack and to the number of people killed.  Drones+ enables those concerned about the CIA’s illegal, unregulated use of these remote-controlled weapons to track the strikes to their handset. 

    This is no doubt an uncomfortable prospect for the US authorities, whose use of drones extends to Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, where no war has been declared.  Such drone strikes have killed more than 3,300 people in Pakistan alone since 2004, according to reports by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism ...

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