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  1. Joel Sharples

    Mother of British man on death row in DRC appeals for support

    Joel Sharples on 26 June 2013

    Next week, Kari Hilde will see her son for the first time in four years.

    She is the mother of Joshua French, a 31 year old Norwegian-British man who has been on death row in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2009. Now Kari is travelling to the DRC for the first time to visit Joshua and she hopes to deliver a package of letters to President Joseph Kabila calling on him to pardon and release Joshua and his co-defendant, Tjostolv Moland.

    The two men were sentenced to death by a military court in September 2009 and again in June ...

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  2. David Morrissey

    Free Nabil Hadjarab

    David Morrissey on 13 June 2013

    Two weeks ago I rushed to a recording studio for a last minute job: to voice the words of a young French man named Nabil Hadjarab.

    Nabil was just 22 years old when he was sold for a bounty to US forces and taken to Guantanamo Bay. He has been held there ever since without charge or trial. The US has since admitted that he was mistakenly arrested.

    In 2007 Nabil was cleared for release. Then, in 2009, Barack Obama became President and promised to close GuantanamoBay. Nabil - like all the detainees - thought that maybe, finally his time had come ...

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  3. Donald Campbell

    Why should we believe the Government's torture assurances?

    Donald Campbell on 06 June 2013

    The UK Government has announced that it is to resume the transfer of detainees to Afghan prisons - a practice they had previously been forced to stop due to clear evidence that the detainees were being tortured following their transfer. 

    The Government attempted to lift this ban in 2012 but had to back down after a court battle. The MoD has now said that it is "satisfied it is safe" to resume transfers, but it is not clear on what grounds.  Here's the reaction of Reprieve Legal Director, Kat Craig, to the news:

    “The government may well assert that it ...

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  4. Generic - Hunger Strike Chair

    Suppliers of nutritional supplements must stand up against force-feeding

    Joel Sharples on 05 June 2013

    Nestle’s Boost Plus comes in three tempting flavours: Rich Chocolate, Very Vanilla and Creamy Strawberry.

    Unfortunately the mouth-watering delights of the high-calorie nutritional supplement are lost on the 39 hunger-striking Guantanamo Bay detainees who have it pumped directly into their stomach against their will via a tube in their nose.

    Reprieve has identified a number of products that are being used by Guantanamo Bay medical staff to force-feed hunger-striking prisoners. Along with Nestlé’s Boost Plus supplement, another dietary supplement called Ensure and Morton’s Salt Substitute have been used in the brutal force-feeding of detainees during the most ...

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  5. Generic - Gitmo

    UK’s torture position slammed by UN, but did it get off lightly?

    Kat Craig on 04 June 2013

    Last week a UN body effectively issued David Cameron his human rights MOT report card covered in red scribbles. The question is, will the government do the slightest thing about it?

    The report into the UK was published by the Committee Against Torture (“CAT”). It assessed the UK’s failure to hold to account those responsible for human rights abuses in the so-called war on terror – and the outcome wasn’t pretty. Even the UN’s trademark civility couldn’t mask what was ultimately a scathing critique of both the previous and current government. In no less than 40 recommendations ...

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  6. Generic - light bulb in dingy corridor

    On the ground in Yemen: from death row to drone attacks

    Reprieve on 29 May 2013

    On Friday night Channel 4 showed an excellent and very moving documentary about Yemeni teenagers on death row.

    Reprieve works extensively in Yemen, with one client, Sharif Mobley, facing the death penalty and ongoing investigations into the US’ covert drones programme, which has killed thousands of civilians and continues to do so as the CIA pummel the country with hellfire missiles. There is further information about our drones work in Yemen available on our website where you can support the work we do there.

    Reprieve now has a Yemeni fellow, Baraa Shiban, working on the ground to investigate and seek ...

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  7. Crofton Black BW by Emmanuelle Purdon

    Mapping the CIA's Global Rendition System

    Crofton Black on 22 May 2013

    Reprieve and The Rendition Project have collaborated on an interactive map and database illustrating the extent of the US Government's global network of secret prisons and the private companies which supported it.

    Drawing on thousands of records from freedom of information requests, NGO reports, news accounts, first-person testimony and international investigations, the database provides the most authoritative picture to date of the logistics network which made the US secret detention programme possible.

    The interactive map allows users to zoom in on individual countries and flight routes and cross-reference them with detailed analyses of dozens of known and possible prisoner ...

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  8. Drone from beneath

    Is BT providing the infrastructure for illegal drone strikes?

    Joel Sharples on 22 May 2013

    BT’s slogan used to be 'it’s good to talk', but when it comes to contracts with the US military 'it’s best to keep your mouth shut' might be more appropriate.

    Earlier this year Reprieve obtained evidence that BT had been awarded a contract worth over $23 million by the US Defense Information Systems Agency to provide communications infrastructure connecting US-run RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire with the secretive Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti.

    BT were unwilling to comment on the nature of the contract, no doubt due to the likelihood that the equipment and support they are supplying is ...

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  9. Death row - table with man

    "It makes me furious": GCSE students respond to Fourteen Days in May

    Reprieve on 17 May 2013

    The film is a hard-hitting documentary which recounts the final days of Edward Earl Johnson before he was executed in a Mississippi gas chamber on May 20 1987. 

    Johnson’s innocence has since been widely accepted – indeed, it was accepted by many prison officials at the time. The documentary argues against the death penalty and highlights its disproportionate use in the U.S. against poor black men.  Reprieve founder, Clive Stafford Smith, was a contributor to the film. 

     Here are some of the students’ responses:

    14 Days in May’, has definitely changed my opinion about the death penalty, and I ...

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  10. baraashiban

    Yemen and the Peshawar High Court's condemnation of drones

    Baraa Shiban on 16 May 2013

    The US’ covert and illegal drone war in Pakistan suffered a heavy blow today when a Pakistani High Court called the strikes illegal and a violation of human rights.

    The Court also said the strikes breach Pakistan’s sovereignty and encouraged the Pakistani government and security forces to stop future strikes. The question all Yemenis should be asking is “why is this not the case in Yemen?”. Surely, the death of a Yemeni is no less tragic or illegal than that of a Pakistani.

    The USdrone programme in Yemen, which continues to kill civilians on an almost weekly basis ...

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