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  1. Paola Gioffredi

    Ohio and California: a new dawn for abolitionism?

    Paola Gioffredi on 14 October 2011

    This year, both Ohio and California have issued two bills replacing the death penalty with life imprisonment without parole.

    In 2010, with eight executions, Ohio placed itself on the second rank of the ignominious podium of US retentionist states, preceded only by Texas. In March 2011, the General Assembly of the State of Ohio approved House Bill (HB) n.160, envisaging the abolishment of the death penalty and its replacement with life imprisonment with possibility of parole after serving 20 or 30 years of imprisonment or without possibility of parole, depending on the case. Although still waiting to go through ...

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  2. 131 Reprieve supporters needed to help Mohammed el Gharani

    Matthew Leidecker on 07 October 2011

    Reprieve is making an urgent appeal for £655 to support a critical medical intervention for Mohammed el Gharani—the youngest prisoner ever held in Guantánamo.

    Some of you may remember Mohammed from when we appealed for books for him in Guantánamo, a little over two years ago. He had missed out on most of his education, and was desperate to catch up.

    Mohammed was born in Saudi Arabia to Chadian parents. He was seized from a mosque in Pakistan when he was only 14 and traded to the CIA in return for a considerable bounty. He was ...

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  3. Jacquetta Wheeler

    A Handful of Walnuts

    Jacquetta Wheeler on 05 October 2011

    Ahmed Errachidi, a former Guantanamo prisoner, has had an extract from his book, A Handful of Walnuts, published in Granta magazine’s latest issue, “Ten Years Later,” dedicated to the consequences of September 11th 2001. 

    I was first privileged enough to read Ahmed’s manuscript when it was emailed to me by a colleague in September 2010 while I was doing research as a volunteer at Reprieve.  I printed it out and took it home, and read it in a few days.  I couldn’t believe how good it was.  I was gripped, couldn’t put it down, and ...

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  4. Brigid Delaney

    Join the Mercy Campaign

    Brigid Delaney on 04 October 2011

    In 2005 Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were arrested in Bali, Indonesia and have since admitted that they attempted to traffic drugs to Australia.

    Both young men from Sydney have exhausted all their legal appeals. The only avenue that can save them from the firing squad is a successful clemency appeal to Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Harnessing the power of social media, a Melbourne based group - The Mercy Campaign - is collecting signatures for a petition to deliver to the Indonesian president, respectfully asking that the lives of the two men be spared.

    The campaign is not asking that ...

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  5. Emmanuelle Purdon 2009 BW

    Goodbye to Marge Meakins

    Emmanuelle Purdon on 01 October 2011

    Like the many pen pals around the world who were persuaded that Mark Ströman was a worthy individual, Marge had fought all the way to try to save her friend's life.

    Her sudden death, occurring almost symbolically just after the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and a day before world peace day, may be a new opportunity to question the philosophical meaning behind Mark Ströman's execution.

    During my time at Reprieve, I have been blessed to meet and interview a lot of extraordinary people with many extraordinary stories.

    I have seen the tears in the eyes ...

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  6. Clive Stafford Smith by I.Robins BW

    Manuel Valle's excruciating 33-year execution

    Clive Stafford Smith on 29 September 2011

    So the State of Florida executed Manuel Valle.  At Reprieve, for the past few weeks we have been trying to help his Florida lawyers, albeit from far away. In the end, last night I went out to dinner, a surreal one as the time was ticking down on the Reprieve execution clock – but by then there was nothing else we could do, and it would have been rude to cancel. When I got home, I stayed up until Florida killed him, at fourteen minutes past midnight UK time. I felt an obligation, and I could not have slept anyway.

    U ...

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  7. Sophie Walker BW by Emmanuelle Purdon

    The multiple injustices of Manuel Valle's death penalty

    Sophie Walker on 29 September 2011

    The three decades Manuel Valle has spent on death row in Florida are set to dwindle to their final minutes this afternoon. At around 4pm local time (9pm GMT) – barring any last minute stays -–"the primary executioner will adminster the lethal chemicals" into Mr Valle's bloodstream, as set out in the state's execution protocol.

    While there has been a range of international opposition to the execution of Manuel Valle – including the Catholic Church, the European Union, the Spanish government, British members of parliament and the Washington-DC based Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, to name a few – we haven ...

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  8. Ghada Eldemellawy

    Report from Reprieve's Guantánamo Conference in Tunisia

    Ghada Eldemellawy on 23 September 2011

    The conference called for the release of the remaining Tunisian men from Guantanamo.

    While there are only a handful of Tunisians left at the base, what they symbolize is huge. Guantanamo marks a bleak chapter in America's history and the presence of Tunisians there only serves to highlight the extent of Ben Ali's dictatorship involvement in abusive American practices.

    While US diplomats are now praising the new Tunisian democracy, the stories of Tunisians in Guantanamo show it was not ever thus. The Bush administration was perfectly cozy with Bin Ali's regime: it invited Tunisian agents to visit ...

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  9. Ariane Adam

    Bearing witness

    Ariane Adam on 22 September 2011

    At 9pm last night I made my way to Grosvenor Square. Upon my arrival at around 9.55pm I saw many familiar faces – my fellow Amnesty International activists, who as always were determined to fight until the very last to ensure that Troy's execution was stayed. There were also many unfamiliar faces - over 200 people had come out into the cold, dark night to light a candle and stand in solidarity with Troy and his family.

    A long row of candles was lit outside the US Embassy. I stood with old and new friends and thought about the first ...

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  10. Death row - table

    Ask your MEP to stop Europe from supplying execution drugs to the US

    Donald Campbell on 22 September 2011

    Amid all the condemnation of the appalling execution of Troy Davis last night, it is important to remember that Europe too has been complicit in US lethal injections, and will be again unless our representatives act.

    Troy Davis was executed using drugs produced by a firm headquartered in Denmark. Previously, US states including Georgia have used barbiturates imported from Britain to carry out lethal injections. American prisons have also attempted to buy execution drugs from Italy; and the US Commerce Secretary recently asked the German Government to ‘help out’ in providing them with sodium thiopental, traditionally the first part in ...

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