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  1. Crofton Black

    PREAL: the 'torture textbook' that took CIA interrogators to the dark side

    Crofton Black on 05 April 2012

    Ten years ago – 3 April 2002 – US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld hailed the capture of a man by name of Abu Zubaydah, then regarded as a high-ranking al-Qaida operative.

    In reply to fevered speculation about what would happen to the new captive, Rumsfeld said: “He will be properly interrogated by proper people who know how to do those things.”

    Ten years later, who those people were, what they knew how to do, and where they learnt it, has become an increasingly widely circulated story. A new piece fitted into the jigsaw today, with the publication by Truthout’s Jason ...

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  2. Aditi Gupta

    You Don’t Like the Truth

    Aditi Gupta on 29 March 2012

    This powerful film features excerpts from seven hours of the prison’s CCTV video footage of Canadian agents interrogating Omar. It reveals in excruciating clarity how his joy at meeting representatives of his own government turned to despair when he realized that they had not come to Guantánamo to help him. Commentary on the footage is provided by Khadr’s US and Canadian lawyers, journalist Michelle Shephard, former US guard Damien Corsetti, and former prisoners, including Omar Deghayes and Moazzam Begg. The footage was released by the Canadian courts after a ruling that Khadr’s rights had been violated ...

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  3. Clive Stafford Smith

    A response to Texas' charge of 'intimidation' against Reprieve

    Clive Stafford Smith on 29 March 2012

    The Guardian has reported an extraordinary attack on Reprieve by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Reprieve is accused of "'intimidation and commercial harassment' of manufacturers of medical drugs used in lethal injections". We are "authoritarian ideologues who menace and harass private citizens who decline to submit to Reprieve's opinion on the morality of capital punishment by lethal injection." The Guardian is correct that this is "astonishingly vivid language"; it is also defamatory nonsense, and I would like to set the record straight.

    This week, I was in Copenhagen, meeting with the Ulf Wiinberg, the CEO of Lundbeck ...

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  4. Aditi Gupta

    Abu Zubaydah: The 10 year anniversary of his capture and detention

    Aditi Gupta on 28 March 2012

    Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn, more commonly known as Abu Zubaydah, is a stateless Palestinian born in Saudi Arabia. He was held in secret detention by the CIA of the United States of America from the time of his abduction from a house in Faisalabad, Pakistan on 28th March 2002 until approximately 6th September 2006, when it was announced that he was transferred to the custody of the U.S. Department of Defence ('DOD') at Guantánamo Bay. He remains in indefinite detention in DOD custody at Guantánamo Bay. However he has never been charged with any crime ...

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  5. Aditi Gupta

    Please sign the UK e-petition calling on the UK Government to free Shaker Aamer

    Aditi Gupta on 28 March 2012

    February 14th marked the 10th anniversary of the arrival at Guantánamo of Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in the prison. On that day, his family and his lawyers in London launched an e-petition on the British government's website (, entitled, "Return Shaker Aamer to the UK".

    This petition calls on the government - and, specifically, the Foreign Office and the Foreign Secretary, William Hague - to "undertake urgent new initiatives to achieve the immediate transfer of Shaker Aamer to the U.K. from continuing indefinite detention in Guantánamo Bay." This ...

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  6. Generic for Dark Prison

    Accusations over Polish CIA prisons

    Reprieve on 27 March 2012

    Source:, Wojciech Czuchnowski, Adam Krzykowski

    Translation: Agathe Osinski

    The former head of Polish intelligence (AW) Zbigniew Siemiatkowski has been charged with participating in the organisation of a center, located in Poland, which held prisoners suspected of terrorism between 2002-2003.

    “I have repeatedly refused to provide any explanations to the prosecutors, and I will continue to refuse it at every step of the procedure, even in court,” Siemiatkowski, who is now a university lecturer, told the Polish daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and television station Panorama. He justifies this silence as necessary for the sake of state security.

    He does ...

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  7. Aditi Gupta

    Torture by Music

    Aditi Gupta on 26 March 2012

    British Citizen, Ruhal Ahmed, spent two years at Guantánamo Bay. After his release he returned home to Tipton, England without ever being charged with a crime by the British or US governments. During his time at Guantánamo, he was repeatedly tortured. The method of torture that he feared most, however, was torture by music.

    This documentary by the BBC World Service explores the use of music as a weapon to induce sleep deprivation, prolong capture shock and disorient detainees - all in name of the ‘War on Terror’.

    Since the ‘War on Terror’ began, Michael Korzinski, a psychologist for ...

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  8. Ariane Adam 2

    Robert Towery: Death Watch Diary

    Ariane Adam on 23 March 2012

    “Potato, potato, potato” was Robert Towery’s last utterance before he took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes. His nephew will have recognized it as an approximation of the sound made by a Harley Davidson engine.

    This diary chronicles the last 35 days of his life, starting on 2 February 2012 when he went on “Death Watch,” that is, when he was removed from his cell and placed in a special holding unit. On 7 February 2012 he was moved to the death house. Arizona executed by lethal injection on 8 March 2012. He was 47 years old ...

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  9. Polly Rossdale

    Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki: "I'm a Human Rights Activist first, President second"

    Polly Rossdale on 22 March 2012

    We were feeling a little gloomy, as I think all of us who work on Reprieve’s Secret Prisons team do every time January comes around. 

    January is the month that the US military began to erect open air cages to house men supposedly caught on the new battlefield in the War on Terror. They built this prison on a patch of land at the eastern tip of Cuba still owned by the US, called Guantanamo. That was 10 years ago.

    Just before this year’s anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA ...

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  10. Marc Callcutt BW

    Investigation – Chinese Style

    Marc Callcutt on 20 March 2012

    "Awaken human nature and perceive the value of life."

    With these unwittingly ironic words began China’s hit television show, Interviews before Execution, about which a documentary was shown on BBC 2 last week. Focusing on the presenter Ding Yu’s travels from prison to prison, the BBC documentary showed the work of the presenter as she records teary interviews with prisoners shortly before their execution, with the aim warning people of the consequences of crime “so tragedies can be averted”.

    The show highlighted China’s extensive use of the death penalty, the brutal nature of their criminal justice system ...

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