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  1. Cori Crider BW

    An explainer: The government has been spying on privileged communications between lawyers & clients

    Cori Crider on 06 November 2014

    In brief:

    Today, in an historic court case, the UK government was forced to reveal that the intelligence services have, for years, been spying on the privileged communications between lawyers and their clients.

    Not only have they been listening in, however, but the government told the intelligence agencies that the material they gathered from listening to these privileged communications could be used “just like any other item of intelligence”.

    This means that the UK government could have been using privileged communications to hand itself an unfair advantage in court cases where it is accused of wrongdoing.

    In more detail:  

    What ...

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  2. 2014_04_09_PUB_Ahmed_Zeidan

    Travelling to the Emirates this summer? Watch out for these 7 torture hotspots

    Alice Gillham on 20 August 2014

    This week, it emerged that the government of the United Arab Emirates had issued a ‘safety map’ of London, showing Emirati tourists the areas they are most likely to get robbed. Alarmed Dubai locals told The National that they would “definitely be avoiding” areas like Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus in future. One savvy traveller said he ‘always avoided the “hot zones” of any country when it was advised.’

    With this in mind, we’ve produced our own map, below, for anyone thinking of travelling to the Emirates this summer. Tourists in Dubai should know that foreign nationals are frequently ...

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  3. 2014_07_08 Guantanamo - when is a person not a person?

    If corporations are 'people' with religious rights, why aren’t Guantanamo prisoners?

    Reprieve on 08 July 2014

    Last week, the US Supreme Court ruled that companies are ‘people,’ entitled to the same religious freedoms that people enjoy.  Yet at the same time, the US Government is arguing that some actual people are legally not people when it comes to religious rights.

    If you’re confused, then you’re not alone. 

    This bewildering situation is the latest twist in the absurd saga of Guantanamo.  Prisoners who have been held there without charge or trial for years are protesting against their plight.  In response to those peaceful protests, they are being punished – force-fed, subjected to violent procedures known as ...

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  4. Nzinga Mobley, Sharif and kids

    Dear President Obama, from Nzinga Mobley

    Reprieve on 21 May 2014

    By Nzinga Mobley, Sharif Mobley's wife

    Dear President Obama,

                    I am writing you this letter as an American Citizen who still has left some of what you so inspired in millions of people: hope. I have hope that being a citizen of this great country is truly an honor. Having been born and raised here I have proudly attended American public schools for all of my primary school years. Because of my American education, I have always walked through life with confidence and am rarely intimidated by challenges.

    This confidence was what inspired and allowed me to travel to ...

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  5. Maya Foa (BW)

    Botched lethal injections debunk the myth of 'humane' execution

    Maya Foa on 08 May 2014

    After the botched execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma last month, some commentators - notably, Bloomberg's Leonid Bershidsky in this piece - have sought to blame 'Europe' for the disturbing, drawn-out deaths by lethal injection that we're seeing in some US states. Today, Bloomberg published a letter I wrote in response to Bershidsky's article; full text below.  

    To the Editor:

    Re. Leonid Bershidsky’s article, “Slow Death in Oklahoma Was Europe’s Doing” (April 30):

    Blaming 'Europe' for the horrifically botched execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma last month is as perverse as it is inaccurate.

    The blame for ...

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  6. Generic Interrogation chair colour

    Guantanamo's sinister re-branding of force-feeding

    Reprieve on 17 April 2014

    By Harkirit Boparai

    The PR team at Guantanamo Bay have been engaging in a campaign of smoke and mirrors of late to try and cover up the abuse that still remains at Guantanamo Bay. Meanwhile, detainees such as our client ...

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  7. Donald Campbell

    Government puts forward legal aid proposals which would deny justice to torture victims

    Donald Campbell on 31 March 2014

    The Government has today (Monday 31 March) put forward measures for the approval of MPs which would introduce a "residence test" requirement for legal aid.  As we explained previously, this would deny justice to a wide range of people wronged by the UK Government – from victims of torture and rendition to Gurkhas and Afghan interpreters denied the right to settle in Britain.

    So far, we haven't been able to find the text of the regulations which were laid before MPs today on either Parliament's or the Ministry of Justice's website - but here is a statement from the ...

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  8. Shaker Aamer at Guantanamo

    A Bitter Valentine's Day

    Reprieve on 18 February 2014

    It's 14 February. In Britain it will be Valentine's Day. In 2002, it was the day I arrived in Guantánamo Bay, and the day my youngest child was born - Faris, whom I have never been allowed to touch.

    Yesterday, my fellow detainee Emad Hassan did not take his legal call, for the same reason every time he misses a phone call or a meeting. They intimidate him by telling him before he goes, "we'll do a full body search" - the "scrotum groping search" as they call it. So Emad goes with them to the Camp 5 ...

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  9. Drone from beneath

    Depriving people of their citizenship is un-British

    on 30 January 2014

    By Omran Belhadi

    It is rare for me to be proud of the country of my birth, France. Our footballers regularly disappoint us. Our government is repeatedly humiliated on the international stage. We are shamed by a refusal to accept the horrors of our colonial past. I must take comfort where I can: at least we don’t spontaneously strip the citizenship of Muslim people we don’t like.

    Under French nationality law, only those who are convicted of serious crimes, either before obtaining citizenship or within ten years of becoming citizens, may be stripped of their citizenship. A citizenship ...

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  10. Polly Rossdale

    Five years on from Obama’s promise, justice still a foreign concept at Gitmo

    Polly Rossdale on 22 January 2014

    “They claim to be merciful and respect human rights and the law and justice.” These words were written in disbelief by Samir Mukbel to his lawyers at Reprieve late last year. Samir has been held without trial or charge since 2001 at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where a sign bearing the phrase “Honor Bound to Defend Freedom” greets all those who enter.

    Today marks the fifth year since Barack Obama, with much fanfare, signed an executive order to close the prison. Since then, progress remains lamentable – and justice continues to elude the detainees.

    Donald Rumsfeld famously proclaimed that the men ...

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