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Reprieve Chair Lord Macdonald speaks out against British Role in Drone Attacks

on 19 September 2012

Ken Mac Donald QC 2012 Photo

Reprieve’s chair Ken Macdonald QC was on the front page of The Times(£) earlier this week challenging the UK government to come clean about their role in the US’ illegal and devastating drone strikes in Pakistan.

CIA drone strikes have killed over 3000 people in Pakistan alone, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, including hundreds of children.

Reprieve is on the ground in Pakistan investigating these drone attacks and their effects, and bringing legal action here in the UK on behalf of Noor Khan whose father was killed in 2011 by a drone strike. Reprieve is asking the UK government to clarify their position on sharing intelligence which assists the US kill thousands of civilians and terrorise the Pakistani people.  

You can also read The Daily Telegraph's report on this interview (not behind paywall).

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