Chloe Strowger

Chief Medical Examiner is fired over testifying in death cases

on 04 June 2010

Chief Medical Examiner, Paul Shrode, has been dismissed from his position within El Paso County, Texas after it was discovered that evidence he had previously provided during a death penalty trial in Ohio was found to be false and without scientific merit.

 It was during Richard Nields trial in 1997 that Shrode’s testimony helped to secure a death sentence. It has now been strongly recommended that Nields receive clemency for the conviction.

Digging further into Shrode’s past for further potential misdemeanours it has been revealed that he also made misrepresentations on his CV. Not only did he claim that he received his graduate law degree from Southwest Texas State University - where there is no law school - but also that he was a fully-fledged member of the State Bar of Texas - again, there is no record of Shrode ever being a member. Worrying to say the least…

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