Chloe Strowger

EU: Iran urged to drop death sentence of two 'Moharebs'

on 01 June 2010

Iran has been strongly urged to reconsider the death sentences passed against two people charged with being “enemies of God”. The call came from European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton who underlined that the EU is “profoundly concerned by the repeated sentencing to death in Iran of people belonging to minorities, as well as of those who were involved in the post-election protests."

Both Zeynab Jalalian and Hossein Khezri are awaiting execution and hope that the recent statements from the EU diplomatic community will hold sway over Iran’s dramatic decision.

In the week preceding five Iranian citizens were executed for similar offences which are considered so heinous under Sharia-based Islamic law that the state feels justified to issue death sentences. The government, amidst political restlessness, believes that capital punishment is essential to maintain public security.

Ashton commented further that Iran should show "respect of minimum standards in cases of capital punishment."

Last year 270 people were hanged in Iran.

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