Sally Rowen

The One Show debates the Death Penalty

on 27 November 2009

The BBC tackles the 40th anniversary of the abolition of the death penalty in the wake of The Execution of Gary Glitter.

Great piece by the One Show this week. 

Roger Gale MP admitted that if we have a death penalty we’ll kill innocent people, and based his support for capital punishment on the idea of it as a deterrent. As Matt Allright correctly pointed out, the evidence clearly shows that the death penalty does NOT deter crime, leaving the pro-death penalty camp apparently in favour of killing innocent people whilst achieving nothing. 

Reprieve of course has the utmost sympathy for Andrew Barnes, and all of the relatives of murder victims, but evidence from America suggests that execution often doesn’t bring closure to the victim’s family, and can often make them feel worse.

With thanks to the BBC.

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