Anna Morris

Paco Larranaga transferred to Spain

on 06 October 2009

Twelve years after he was wrongly convicted for the rape and murder of two sisters, Paco Larranaga has finally been released from the notorious Bilibid prison in Manilla and is being transferred to Madrid today.

Paco has been in Bilibid since he was 18 and spent 9 years on death row before the Philippines commuted all death sentences in 2006. Paco holds dual Spanish and Filippino nationality and his transfer follows a long campaign from the Spanish government, international human rights organisations including Reprieve, his lawyer Sandra Coronel and his family, who despite obstacle after obstacle being thrown in the way of their fight for justice never gave up hope.

The transfer treaty between the two countries was signed two years ago but political machinations and blunder have denied Paco his right to return to Spain until now. Reprieve spoke to family members on the eve of his transfer who will accompany him to Spain, where it is hoped that he will appear before a judge on Wednesday 7th October.

The campaign is now focused on securing Paco's immediate release and recognition of his innocence.

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