Kate Higham

Kate Higham is Head of Reprieve’s Assassinations Project.

Kate leads Reprieve’s work on the Assassinations Project, which aims to prevent the unlawful use of drones and assassinations as tactics by the US and their allies in the UK and elsewhere in pursuit of its global War on Terror. The Assassinations Project supports victims of illegal drone strikes and their families in their search for justice.  The Project also assists people who fear that they may have been placed on a US “kill list”, and who are seeking to challenge that listing. Kate also leads Reprieve’s death penalty work in the South Asia region.

Kate first joined Reprieve in 2011. In the six years since then she has worked on projects and cases from across the organisation. In 2012 she worked as a fellow in the US based in New Orleans. Prior to taking on her current role as Head of the Assassinations Project, Kate led Reprieve’s death penalty work in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.