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We help people who suffer extreme human rights abuses at the hands of the world's most powerful governments

Kris Maharaj Judgement

Watch Clive Stafford Smith talking about the latest judgement in Kris Maharaj's case.

13 years ago Shaker Aamer's family was ripped apart

It has now been 13 years since Guantánamo Bay opened, and 6 years since Obama promised to close it.

Shafqat Hussain

Shafqat Hussain is a 14 year old boy who was brutally tortured and sentenced to death in...

Sharif Mobley

Reprieve is working to save Sharif Mobley, an American citizen currently held in unlawful secret...

Abdul-Hakim Belhaj and Fatima Boudchar

Gaddafi opponent Abdel Hakim Belhadj is taking legal action against the UK Government and its...

Yunus Rahmatullah

Yunus Rahmatullah was working in Iraq when UK forces raided his house and abducted him. Tortured by...

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