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We help people who suffer extreme human rights abuses at the hands of the world's most powerful governments

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Support our work saving lives & seeking justice for victims of human rights abuses by buying a Bad...

Join us for the 30th anniversary screening of Fourteen Days in May

A Free online screening of Fourteen Days in May, followed by a live webcam Q&A with Clive Stafford...

Trump’s first 100 days marked by secret strikes and civilian deaths

President Trump has used his first 100 days in office to ramp up a failed, Obama-era policy of secret strikes around the world.

US death penalty update - clemency granted in Virginia

A welcome decision in the interest of justice from Governor Terry McAuliffe as Ivan Teleguz is granted clemency just days before his execution date.

One of my clients, Kris Maharaj, was finally granted a new hearing

Clive Stafford Smith writes on a hearing 30 years overdue.

US court grants hearing to Kris Maharaj after 30 years in jail

Sentenced to death in 1987 for a crime he did not commit, Kris Maharaj will now be allowed a fresh hearing based on evidence of his innocence.

Send a reminder to Theresa May - she must raise Saudi human rights abuses

The Prime Minister must stand up for human rights and call for the release of three juveniles awaiting execution for the 'crime' of attending a protest.

Quick Facts – the death penalty in Saudi Arabia

Beheading, crucifixion and death sentences for juveniles.

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